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Hair regrowth

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I know I have seen it on here several times and the answers vary from person to person, but how long did it take for you to notice your hair starting to regrow? I am going for my hopefully last treatment next week (#6) and so far I have not noticed anything regrowing at all. As a matter of fact it is still thinning. I saw on here where one had their hair regrowing after their 3rd treatment. I am just trying to get an average time. I don't know if the type of treatment has anything to do with it or not,being r-cvp or r-chop. I am on the r-cvp and it just struck me about the hair thing. I know it is kind of minor but it does give us something to look forward too. Thanks, John

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I could notice some Peach fuzz starting right before my last treatment(6 R CHOP). I had lost all of my hair and I would guess it's probably easier to notice the new regrowth on a bald head then trying to spot it in between thinning hair. Just a guess. Maybe some R CVP people can help shed some light. But keep checking I am sure it will be back and I know what you mean...it reinforced that I was returning to normal, Take care. Mary

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Mine started coming back fairly quickly. Now I am NOT talking about huge strides here. Lots of peach fuzz, and I noticed in very small increments. It was close to my last treatments before there was any "substance" to it and started really thickening up. It was definitely very thin and there were bald spots too.

It took some time to be what I would call a head of hair LOL

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