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Yet another anaesthetic!

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Hi there

The "lump" has grown by 50% over the last two weeks. So today the med team made a decision to operate and remove Lymph gland which they said is at L3 level(what is L3 LEVEL)
This will be in monday and then back to Erbitux.

This has happened so quickly. What should she "boost eat" these four day before surgery?
Silly narrow approach looking for quick results.

We made an appointment to see a naturopath, but time caught up with us.
Relentless squamus. Today was difficult for all.


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Clear, I know this is disheartening, to say the least.

Your oncologist needs to spell out for you the meaning of Level 3 - any of us can go to the American Cancer Society and get their definition for the type of cancer you are talking about, but I would still want to hear from the oncologist.

Squamous cells are very reactive, you are right.

What she needs to eat before surgery - again, I would speak to the doctor. While there are some general rules for different types of surgery, patients are individuals with specific needs. Surely they can provide the information for this.

You will both be in my thoughts, Clear.

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Pam M
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At first, I thought "OMG - that's sooo fast!". Then, I admit, I reminded myself that I have no idea how quickly my "huge" lymph node became huge - I just noticed it one day, and was surprised that I had not noticed something that big before. It's still scary to read. I don't know what Level L3 means; hopefully, someone else here can educate us both. Hang in there. My docs encouraged extra protein and water pre-surgery, but that was for me; she might need something else.

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My heart goes out to you and your wife my friend, I hope and pray that the doctors find a way to stop it from growing so fast.

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I don't have any advice for you but I just wanted you to know I'm thinking of your wife. I feel like we are FA sisters and you guys always have a place in my heart. Best to you and your family. Please keep me posted.


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