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Melanoma Stage 3c Looking For Naturopathic Treatments

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My husband has decided to go the non-chemical route for now. When you are in stage 3 your options are limited and he has decided to "wait and see" with the help of scans and check ups. I have asked that he also find a doctor/Naturopath and start getting his immune system as strong as possible.

My questions to you:
Has anyone themselves experienced this path to healing? Do you have any ideas of your own of what this path might take?

We are well aware that melanoma "might" come back and take him into stage 4 and other decisions will have to be made but for now my husband does not want to compromise his immune system with chemicals. As his caregiver I will support his decision as long as the checks and balances are made.

Just looking for suggestions until appointments can get going...

lovingwife to Bob, stage 3c

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I have chosen to take the interferon route myself. I am on week 2 and I can tell you already my blood work is showing serious signs of negative acceptance to this chemical being injected into my system. I hope all goes well for him but who really knows what the right answer is???

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Chinese medicine is also a great place to turn. Stress is a huge immune suppresant so things that focus on relaxing (massage, acupunture) are good. I have done a few things diet wise to help... and juicing! I watched a handful od documenteries that really helped me realize the healing power and importance of food. Look up Gerson... I am not saying it will heal you. I don't follow it but the documentary A Beautiful Truth opened my eyes.

The book Close To the Bone has also helped be realize the healing power within me.

BTW- I too opted out of interferon. I hunted down a doctor and clinical trial. I have a 50% chance of getting the placebo so I am going on like I am being untreated and doing the watch and wait, which I consider to be very aggresive considering the questionable effect interferon has.

So, I am taking the little bit of everything approach. We all have to find what works for us as individuals and go with it. I hope I was able to help with yours!

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Thank you for the tip... I did look up "Gerson" that is the second time I have heard about coffee enemas... what's up with that? New way of using caffeine? Just kidding... My husband and I are reading Suzzanne Somers book "Curing Cancer" to get us started until he can find a Dr./Naturopath hopefully to work with our insurance (or not). I guess we will find out just what doors will or won't be open in our area. This is all so new to either one of us, the whole idea of it will be a big change in our approach to our everyday life.

I do feel time is of the essence though so vitamins, extra D and less sugar are a starting point. We just ordered 3 books recommended by his surgeon: Anti Cancer by David Servan-Schreiber, Beating Cancer With Nutrition by Patrick Quillin, and Andrew Weil (I can't remember the title...)

Juicer, huh? darn...

Well, happy trails to you, and thanks for the lead to the book "Close To The Bone" I will send that message to my husband.

lovingwife to Bob, stage 3c

kimberly cronogue
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Hi Deb,

Tonite I wrote a short note to a gal who is seeking answers on this site. Her Dad is deciding on treatment options for stomach cancer.
A friend at work said that her brother was not going to have chemo for his stomach cancer. He was going to do nothing.
I think the suggestions I had for this apply to anyone who has cancer or who wishes to be well.
Exercise, eating alot of vegetables, small amounts of apple cider vinegar, listening to good music, watching uplifting and happy movies seem to be ways that help your body manage stress better.
Eastern medicine has been around for a long time and is worth looking into.
No sugar would be preferable.

Best regards to you and yours.


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I appreciate your feedback. I have also posted under "Building Up The Immune System". My husband finally got his appointment with the doctor who believes in treating the body with food and vitamins to get the immune system healthy again. We will be following the Mediterranean diet as close as we can from now on. If you read that post it well explain to you our next step in this adventure. The more I learn about cancer the more I worry about the chemicals that are used for treatments, but what is a person to do? The chemical treatments are made to kill tumors right? But they make people so sick, So........

We have to learn to fight back..... for our loved one's bodies sake. If we don't help them who will? I have learned that CANCER LOVES SUGAR. My husband loves chocolate chip cookies. He is the "cookie monster" in our house. It will be an adjustment, neither one of us likes to cook but this is his life we are talking about.

December will be his follow-up tests... anxious, more waiting.

lovingwife, to Bob, melanoma stage 3c

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