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Today is going to be a good day for all of us. Treatments today are going to fly by. I go see my surgeon today and hopefully get good news, we'll see.

Hang in there guys, we're gonna make it (throwing a hat in the air) LOL

Take care everyone

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We are all behind you 100% !!!!!!!!!!!!! John

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My prayers are with you......... Vinny

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Hi Beth,
Today "WAS" a good day! I had my second round of chemo and all went great.My blood counts are down a little, but my doctor said they are still in the safe zone. No re-action this time from the Rituxan so the treatment went a "little" bit fsater this time...5 hours instead of 8.."YES"! I'm still a little bit loopy from the Benedryl and other med..lorazapan(sp), but it's starting to wear off now and I've got a headache. Not much of an appetite tonight, but I'll get up and fix me a good breakfast in the morning. I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't hurt much when they stuck my port. They sprayed it with some freezing spray and then just stuck it in. Chemo nurse said the port was working great and looked just fine. Felt a little weird when she pulled the needle out, but it happened so fast that I barely had time to say "ouch"..ha! It's not sore tonight either, so thats good. Now I just need to ignore the "you know what" pills for the next 5 days...(easier said than done)...ha! I'm going to keep my "Big Girl" panties on until Saturday morning when I take the last 3 pills..."I won't be a baby...I won't be a baby...I won't be a baby"...promise! 2down...6 to go! Thanks everyone for making this ordeal soooo much easier...Love you all....Sue

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Sounds like everything went really well. Congrats on completing #2!! If you are scheduled for 6 then you are 1/3 done! I hope the next several days go smoothly too. Stay tough and prayers to you. Mary

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Hi, Sue

Great to hear that your 2nd round went well so far. Yeah, I felt the pinch when nurse stuck my port - didn't use the freezing spray. I will ask about that next time. I had my chemo yesterday. I decided to eat more yesterday with the fear that something may bad happen but it did not. I took Senukot last night and it did work well this morning so I feel less constipated so that is a blessing. Less cramping too. Knock on wood. Am taking headache meds from neurologist in hopes that my "migraine-like" headaches won't return. Thanks for sharing and being supportive! Take it easy, gurl!

With blessings,

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Even though, good news has not yet been announced, I am ready to toss the hat in the air - you have gone through so much and you have a lot of strength to go through this. Bravo!

I am praying for good news..


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