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Does anyone else ever get "oncxiety"?

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Lots of us talk about "scanxiety" but does anyone else ever feel "oncxiety"? I am meeting with my onc tomorrow bright + early + for some reason I am feeling really nervous. I am not getting any scan results but will likely find out the results from KRAS testing as we are checking out options if my my present chemo stops working. I am on folfiri + avastin now + my onc told me last time if I need to switch her first choice would be folfox + avastin, but wanted me checked for the KRAS mutancy in case. Does anyone else ever feel this "oncxiety", or I am the only one?

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yea, no matter how much you love your onc, or know that he's an important part of your team in fighting this disease, there's always a bit of anxiety when you are meeting with them. After all, you only receive bad news from him, right? Most people's blood pressure goes up when meeting with the doc. Hope all goes well for you! Give your onc a hug, you'll both like it!

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I am glad to hear I am not a "mutant" in this regard.

Lois, my KRAS testing is also partially for a clinical trial; I wonder if it is the same one? The one that i am being considered for has 1/2 people on erubitux + 1/2 on erubitx + another drug (forget the name right now). Sleep tight!

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