Primary Peritoneal Carcinomatosis/Does anyone have any success stories of the chemo working?

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My father has Primary Peritoneal Carcinomatosis. He is his 3 session of chemo but we haven't gotten the results of the cancer cell count yet.

Does Chemo work on this. Is there anyone out there with a remission story? And if so, I sure would love my dad to be able to talk to you.

I am open to combining alternative medicine too and I heard of a procedure in China. Something about a "gamma knife"?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    I am confused
    In most women it derives from the ovaries. It very rarely starts in the stomach. This is why i go to the ovarian cancer discussion board and most people are on there.
    I WILL tell you that my mom was diagnosed Apr. 12 of this year. It can be treated but my doc says if it goes into remission, it usually comes back and u have to start again.