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My percious mom is dying

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Dear all,

Mom is dying ,I spend most of my time inside her bed ,taking her hand and talking to her,no reaction anymore,no drinking,no eatting,nothing :(

I pray god help her maybe she will be in rest finaly...

love with pain in my heart


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Much love, peace and strength at this time.

Peace and Calmness,


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Nana b
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So sorry Melody! Are doctors giving her anything intravenous or are they just letting her go?

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The doctors giving her daily fluid by vein like Dextrose,Amino acid,physiologic,mineral and vitamins also the most important one Albumin,but with all these she is not doing well.

thank god that she doesn't have pain...

As my experince, the chemo has destroyed her body,she has been on chemo first 3 years ago on Folfox and then after 1 year being NED,got recuurenc,liver resection,one stroke and one Carotid bypass then chemo with Folfox+Avastin for 6 months!

So after 8 round chemo the onco said she can not tolarate more and stoped the chemo,put her on Xeloda which gave her so much side effects and about one month ago had to stoped it again.

She is in terminal stage,confusion,no drink,no eating and always in sleep, just sometimes open the eyes to look at nowhere because really her look passes through me!just I can make her mouth wet and the lips moisture.

I pray and don't want to give up,I had so many experiences of rough times with her which I thaught ok it's over now and the next day she got better...but now is different and I pray for her to be in peace soon.she has suffered about 4 years and it's enough to fightig when most of the life is suffering when your are fighting?!

I'm sorry of this post but really now I'm thinking chemo just put our loved one to more suffer in this world,I'm sure that in other world they will be more in peace and happy than here with fighting and suffering for a long time.

Love and pray for all of you,you are special persons in this world who has been choosen from god to have this experince.
I beleive on it...

God bless all of you

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im a 9year colonrectal survivor at age 30 and i went through some rough times with all my treatments and operations then my mom fell sick with cancer while i was sick my self, but you know dont calm that this is the end remember we have god on our side so im not going to tell you stop and give up you go and pray pray like theres no tomorrow and get the family to do a chain pray for her dont give up on her now you stay by her side and tell her that god said get up and dont you give up on her, while you have breath in your body pray .. may god bless yall

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I am thinking of you + your Mom.

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I am thinking of you and your mom and hoping you find the strength you need and that she finds her peace and comfort.

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I'm sorry about your mother,may she find peace,and calmness.

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I am so sorry about your Mom. You both are in our prayers.
God bless,
Linda and Ellie

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That is a beautiful photo of you and your Mom.

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I am sorry about your mom, it is so hard to watch them leave this Earth, knowing at the same time it is what is best for them. My prayers to you all.

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I'm praying for a peaceful passing for your mom.


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your mom is blessed to have you by her side. God Bless you and your Mom, of cours Family.


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for you both, don't suffering is an small console at least!

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Nana b
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So sorry for your pain. I can actually feel it in my heart! God Bless you both!

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I am so very sorry that you and your Mother are going through this. Know that she still feels your love even though she may not be aware of her surroundings. What a gift you are to your Mom as she surely is to you too.
Holding you and your Mom in the Light for peace and comfort.

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