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*2 things..*1 question & *1 request ..

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Has any one heard of Dr .charles b simmone?any info,comments on his work,anything at all?
and ! request, i want to ask if you have a moment please say a prayer for my mom,she was taken back into Boston to emergency room,staying,shes so weak,her count is 122,was 33 few mnths ago but no chemo since then,she cant handle it, and everything else was good but she has an infection and its from 7wks ago,i was up there and going w my dad to the oncologist ,drs etc.. the day before,the visiting nurse came and there was a small amount of blood in her plural cath,they said not to worry,the dr will adress it when we go in tomorrow.Well they did and we were told its probably old blood or something,now its whatever caused that bleeding,is now an infection!!i am so upset and angry at these dr's, first theyve screwed up alot and my poor mom is literally waisting away,i need some help for her a prayer,info,anything. i will try to go get some sleep again,Thanks and god please help everyone who suffers from this,its just cruel. Thank you to everyone here at CSN,im sorry i didnt find this sooner for my mom,when she would have been healthy to do so.
Lord hear our prayers....Please thank you K.S

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Charles B. Simone, M.MS., M.D. graduated from Rutgers Medical College (1971-1975). He is an Internist (trained at the Cleveland Clinic 1975-1977), Medical Oncologist (trained at the National Cancer Institute 1977-1982), Tumor Immunologist (trained at the National Cancer Institute 1977-1982), and a Radiation Oncologist (trained at the University of Pennsylvania 1982-1985).

Among other things, he markets and sells Simone's Super Energy Drink and supplements. Dr Simone is a believer in preventing cancer via nutritional approach, as well as other lifestyle changes (no estrogen or other unnecessary drugs).

He operates Simone Protective Cancer Center in NJ.

This is a statement from Dr Simone...
"I believe physicians in our country too often wind up treating the cancer rather than the whole patient," says Dr. Simone. "We have learned many things since 1980 about the role of nutrition, the immune system, the patient's mental state, and other factors in healing."

I understand your desire to find someone that can and will treat your mom and, hopefully, prolong her life. I'm not sure this would benefit your mom, as I don't see how you would go about getting the pills etc into her system.

Your mom's condition sounds very much like our friend Jayne Armstrong, except that Jayne is much younger than your mom and that makes a huge difference in the body's ability to adapt to fight infections and complications.

What do your mom's doctors say about her prognosis?


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he definitely sounds very interesting; and there are so many ideas about how to treat cancer, I think we have to use a combination of the treatments available to us as well as use our own judgement in what works best for our own bodies (how you feel/respond, etc.)

I will keep prayers going for your mother.

Please stay as strong as you can for her.


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