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Hair growth ????

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I finished my sixth chemo last week and my hair started to grow back. Peach fuzz. I am suppose to get eight chemos. Has anyone experienced this? Does that mean the chemo is not working?


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My hair started coming back like peach fuzz before I finished treatments. I started treatments in April, shaved my head in May and early June. After that it sas coming back thinly and slowly but started coming back right away. It was working fine.

Congratulations on finishing chemo! It's always a good feeling of being done!

FYI, seemed the gray hair started coming back first (it was why I shaved it the 2nd time around LOL) My hair also came back a different color. Almost like hot chocolate color it was actully a very pretty color. Also there was some texture difference kinda fuzzy on one half and coarse on the other half. It did straighten out and came back healthier than ever.

Sounds to me like what you are experiencing is very normal.

Again congratulations on being done!

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