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New Normal- kinda funny

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First I want to thank everyone for help with the ENT issue, it has made my family feel a lot better.

I have gotten a lesson in what the new normal means. My dad is very good at doing any type of home improvement. Last weekend I bought new porch lights for my house. Well, when we went to put of the light my dad could not reach it with out standing on a ladder. He is still not strong enough that we would let him do that. So guess you wired the new light, ME! My dad stood on the porch and gave me instruction and I did the work and by some mircle the light works.

We had such fun and he realized that he can still do all things things he did before with just some adjustments along the way.

I will be attempting more electrical work on Sunday, when we do the one on the front porch.


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I think every one of us have been pushed to learn something new or do something in a new way.
I have always hugged Mark with my right arm up above his shoulder and my left arm down around his waist. We are not little people so I could always give him a big squeeze. Now, because of the neck disseection on the left side, I have to hug him with my right arm down and my left arm up and a little less umph! This has not been an easy adjustment to make and hugs are not so spontanious...but it will get there.

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The fun is in being able to still take lesions from your Dad and in spending time together doing something, even hanging a light.

God bless

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I too was trying my hardest to become used to the "new me" i was warned about 5 years ago, and have been so tired ever since, along with some other issues. But 8 weeks ago I discovered I have an underactive thyroid, so this wasn't the "new me" but a serious health issue. I am now on thyroxine and starting to feel a bit better. Just a warning to other h&n peeps that the thyroid is often affected from rads so if you are continually tired get thyroid checked and dont wait as long as me.

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The original poster and Tricia bring to light something rarely talked about in those preliminary meetings/visits: your new normal.

I remember my nurses using that exact phrase, but nobody prepared us for such a sudden and dramatic shift in lifestyle.

Yawning is agony, I'm on thyroid maintenance meds for the rest of my life, I haven't had alcohol in 11 years, and I can only chew food on one side of my mouth... yeah, awesome "new norm". Anyone else?

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I had nasal septum cancer and the after effects keep occurring. My new normal means attention constantly to teeth daily, back exercises 3 times a day, chemo affected spine, syringing eyes as I have glass tubes, (hubby does this daily) rads damaged eye ducts, hardly no taste, only sweet, sour and chilli hot everything else tastes like cardboard, no smell whatsoever and no dodgy thyroid - please no more lol. Oh and yeh I haven't had alcohol for almost 22 years, but that's only because I am alcoholic and it was my choice to stop. I did stop smoking however upon diagnosis. Am constantly searching for more vices. Even with all these after effects I am happy to be alive and I look reasonably well, in fact hardly anyone can notice i had radical nose surgery if I am wearing my glasses. But I do think it is a subject that should be covered more for the new peeps being diagnosed. I console myself with the fact that life is all about change, and boy oh boy am i aware of that hahahahahahaha.

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I saw a couple of your resent posts, in one you said everyone is so welcoming. I believe they are excited to have you and anyone willing to reach out and help others going thru the same phases we went thru years ago.

I love your attitude and like your posts, keep them coming. Your words along with all the others are priceless.


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