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spasms on both side of jaws

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Hi all I hope all is well I have a ? lately ive been having what feel like musle spasms in the back on both sides of the mouth like were the back teeth are it dose not hurt but feels very weired have any of you heard or experience this?

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The muscle spasms are side affect of the radiation; what ever you do never stop opening your jaw as wide as possible. You need to be doing this three to four times a day. My jaw only opens ½ inch because my doctors forgot to tell me about this. If you start to get a lot of pain from it see your ENT and don’t be afraid to ask him questions about your Jaw and what you need to be doing to keep it open and working right.

All the best to you

team stevens
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OMG Hondo, we just found out about opening his jaw this past week. Noone told us either and now mike can only open his mouth about an inch. The nurse forced it open with a stack of tongue depressors wednesday telling him he has to do it or else it'll stay shut & he's been hurting ever since. will this be a permanent or will he be able to gradually open it wider with exercise?

thanks for any info & wishing you wellness

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