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Does your nose leak? I am new here.

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I had surgery to remove a large MEC from my palate on Aug 10, 2010. It was touching my jaw and caused a decalcification of my septum. I have a temp obturator, but it is not big enough. We do not know if I will be able to get one that will fit, if not I will work with it. Food goes up into the hole and can hurt, sometimes burn, but I keep eating to stay healthy. When I drink I know that fluid can come back out of my nose, but sometimes when I lean forward...without having anything to drink lately, a stream of liquid comes running out...I have to have tissue in my hands all the time, and I have to stuff it up my nose when I change my kids diapers...and I alone? Does anyone have this happen to them too...and does it go away? Will my permanent obturator fix this (if it fits right?)? Thanks!

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I had thae leaky nose problem also. Especially after my treatment. It has totally stopped now & I am almost seven month's post treatment. I had to carry ton's of tissues in case I took a drink of something as it usually came right out of my nose. Totally okay now.

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My partner, Mark, had SCC left tonsil. Tonsil, surrounding area, part of tongue and part of soft pallet removed. All lymph nodes and neck muscle on the left side, also removed. And yes, things ran out his nose. Dentist wanted to make him a prostetic for his pallet; ENT said "hold off". Mark learned how to manage the liquids coming out his nose. It was very weird to see him eat and drink and just see it come right out his nose. I used to have to ask if his "nose" was in something before I tasted something he was eating or drinking, because he would just let it recycle into where ever it came from.
I am very grateful for the ENT saying to wait on the prostetic. Mark learned how to navigate things going down so it would not come out his nose. He would tilt or turn his head to keep things moving in the right direction.
I don't know if you had more removed from your soft pallet than Mark...but my answer to your question would be "yes". It does/can get better. Mark is 2+ months post chemo and radiation, and I cannot remember the last time I saw something come out his nose...except a sneeze.

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