Any advice for taking L-Glutamine powder?

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I was advised to take vitamin B6 and 30 oz. a day of L-Glutamine powder for neuropathy related to my chemotherapy. The powder has a little bit of flavor-kind of chalky. Ideally I would take about two tablespoons three times a day. Does anyone else take this? Do you have a favorite way to get it down? I'm not much of a juice drinker but the flavor is a bit strong for water.

Thanks for any ideas! Teresa


  • kkstef
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    Try Orange Juice
    I stirred mine vigorously in a small glass of OJ and downed it. I wish I had been more faithful taking it to see if it really worked! Good luck!

  • bonniesue
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    It can be less chalky if put in warm fluid like warm tea. hope that it helps. B.