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Angry and Frustrated more surgery

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I went to the new Hernia doctor today to see about the hernias that were found on my CT scan, and he tells me that i am looking at another major surgery! They may have to open me up just like when I had my resection! Damn it! I have clear scans, no sign of cancer and now this! Just when you think you have it made, WHAM! They are going to try ad it laprocopially, but won't know till they have a look see whether or not they have to do the full incison again. I am mad, it seems this is a common problem with resections and this could have been done at the time of my inital surgery! But with health insuraance the way it is no one wants to approve a preventative procedure within another. I guess they don't mind rolling the dice to see if this happens to someone.


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That is annoying Kathy. It would be nice if they can do it laproscopically. Let us know how this progresses in terms of a surgery date, etc.

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for being angry.

I've thought of that before as well.... I have no idea why insurance companies won't let them mesh the abdomen, like in your case, against hernias. Why do insurance companies want to pay for another surgery instead of prophylactically fixing it while they're already in there?

Go figure. I've figured out that insurance companies aren't the smartest.

Love and Hugs,


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Nana b
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They told me the same thing but it was done by opening my resection scar, done laparoscopically, so hopefully that is what they will need to to do for you. it was out patient procedure, but I only had one hernia above my belly button and it was bigger then they thought it was initially. They did put a mesh on it, and that causes a lump but it goes away in time. I just had mine done in February.

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I wish it were that way. I have multiple hernias where the ostomy was, and multiple along my reesction incision. I am hoping and praying for the laproscopic part, I do not want to be opened all the way up like that again.


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But don't understand Your inssuraces and healthcare systems, they sounds a little beat confusing from a European point of view!

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It is confusing from an American point of view too. They know this happens sometimes when a resection is done, why would you not put the repair mesh in right then and there. Procative instead of reactive!!!

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kathy frustating isn't ? feel sorry!

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I had major incisional hernia surgery in June (incision from navel to pubic bone). As of this week (12 weeks post-op) I'm finally free to do anything (kayaking, biking, etc.)

First, with this type of surgery, laparascopic is not easier to recover from. In fact, research finds it may be more painful than the open surgery (and the surgery has a long painful recovery regardless.) They used my old scar, and it's healing nicely. Externally, there is less to heal laparascopically, but the real healing is what goes on inside, so people have a false sense of security going into lap surgery for hernias.

We considered doing it lap for me, but I would have needed another specialist for that. Plus, I had a portion of my old scar that I wanted "revised" anyway, as it had become infected, and was a nasty, ugly scar. I was also told that laparascopically, they just put the mesh over the hernia, whereas with the open surgery, they can pull the sides of the hernia together - less likely to leave a lump.

Yes, Kathy, it's a pain, but we get through.

I will be stepping away from the CSN site for a while - need a break from reading about cancer.

Take care, all!


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i see your still active Abrub on CSN. Its not going to be easy to take time off from the site, im sure youll be around

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I had surgery for a hernia after as well and seemed to hel quickly. I understand your frustration.


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Hi all
I wanted to pass this along, after my surgeries were over, I went to physical therapy, my scar tissue was tearing and causing pain and i was so weak. The physical therapist did a scar massage technique on my abdomen, and taught me how to do it, she was frustrated that doctors were not sending patients to therapy more after abdominal surgery, she found three areas along my incision sites that had not knitted together internally where I was at risk for hernias developing, and was able with the scar massage, and specialized core strengthening exercises,(every low impact) to bring these areas back together, and I had to do it every day in between appointments, and the massage also loosened up and flattened the raised larger scar areas, and no more adhesion pains, and I continue the scar massage even now, when I think of it. There are a lot of physical therapy centers that are using massage techniques for helping with adhesions. it is a shame if something so simple and non invasive could help prevent surgical areas from herniating is not made common knowledge. It is worth a try to anyone who is post abdominal surgery, I know it helped me tremendously. Best of luck to you who are facing surgery.

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So sorry you need more surgery. I'd suggest going to a surgeon who is a hernia specialist. The one that did my colon resection is one.

The bright side is NO CANCER. But the effects we live with forever whether there is active cancer or not are hard to deal with. It seems impossible to move on and be through with it completely ever.

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December 6th.... That is how long I have to wait until the surgery. So obviusly it is not life threatening. And this is the best time to be off from work. Howver, the holidays are not going to be so much fun, I will be sitting in the house almost the entire month of decemeber. I will begin to work from home about 10 days after surgery so at least I won't be too bored. Oh well, what to do, this is what has to be done!

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