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Pancreas concern

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My husband had an MRI to check for kidney stones and none were found. He went to see the urologist yesterday, who asked if he'd ever found out what the 'small cloudy spot on the MRI was in his pancreas'. The MRI was over 3 months ago and we'd never been called (VA Hospital) about the cloudy spot.

I can't find mention of 'cloudy spots' on the internet but what I did see about the pancreas is very upsetting. Hubby is fine now but was quite ill, in pain and feverish during that time in June.

We're trying to get a fast follow up appointment but are worried!

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Sorry to hear about your husband.I don`t know much about VA but I am recovering from Whipple
surgery and can`t stress enough to pursue this as soon as possible.My Pancreatic tumor was
classified as Pancreatitus until it became painfully obvious it was cancer.A PET scan will
show a much better picture of what`s going on.Cancer can only be confirmed with biopsy.Ca-19 is a marker but an ERCP with fine needle aspiration will tell the whole story.
Don`t wait!Be proactive and search for answers,
good luck.

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