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Just talking

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Went to Emer. room july 4th with kidney stone and found a 8cm tumor on my liver.
Confermed HHC 2weeks ago and had my first chemo embo monday.
I went on leave from work to put my full attention on this problem, dont know if I'll go back or something else, but there is one thing I have learned is that I am going to do what I want from now on! (work wise)
The hardest for me so far is my family and Girl friend Terri. They are all the greatest!
I have accepted and come to turms with possible death but hate seeing everyone else trying to deal with it... I don't really know anything about liver cancer but I am finding out. One thing that I am finding is the lack of info (me knowing the right qwestion to ask doctors)
Havent been staged yet, why I dont know! Will call to day and ask more ?'s
Just couldnt sleep and wanted to talk.

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My husband had a CT scan in July for "kidney stone pain" and thats how they found his HCC too. He's had one embolization and is being worked up for a possible liver transplant by the VA. Find a good oncologist and remember that every case is different--I got really obsessed with finding info on the internet and some of it is pretty negative. Keep checking this site, and tell your girlfreind Terri about the "Caregivers" section--I get a lot of support and encouragement there. Good Luck!

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Thanks Pennymac..
Thats a very good idea, we both have been run around by bad Doctors up untill last week. Finaly had an app. with a Transplant doc. and his intention is to try and shrink it down enough to fit me on the list. He got more done in one day than all my preveous doctor combind!
Yes I investigated on the internet and alot of things are not very incoraging, NOT one constant other than there is no constant.
Kinda strang hearing about some one with the same delima and time line.. I really hope and pray that you BOTH do ok!
Again Thanks

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My dad was diagnosed with a single 13 cm tumor he had a liver resection are eligible for this?

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