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9/15 Surgery - Good News!

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Bob's surgery was yesterday - lasted about 8.5 hours. Docs got all cancer - clean margins, lymph nodes on right side, put in flap, fixed arm, skin graft from thigh, put in trache, etc. etc.! It was a long day (well not for him), but everything went exactly as planned.

Today he is resting in ICU, coughing up alot of mucous through the trache, which is disturbing, but they tell us is normal right now. Also having some nausea, again normal.

Main thing is - clean margins! Good news.... now to recovery.

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Wonderful news! These surgeons can work miracles and it looks like they just did another one!
All the best to you and Bob for a speedy recovery. Keep us updated as more good news becomes available.
All the best,

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A difficult hurdle no doubt but it sounds like things went well. I'm very happy for you and what a sigh of relief you must have felt when he came through it and with clean margins too!

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Prayers answered!

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Here's to a speedy recovery!!


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Pam M
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Since we can't get "remission" YET, we'll settle for "clean margins" for now. Great. Hope you both can get some rest during the remainder of his hospital stay. As you know, recovery can be hard work sometimes. Tell him to keep up the good work. You, too.

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Good news to hear, hope the recovery goes as smoothly for you. Cheers


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That is so great to hear. Onward and Upward. Prayers for a worry free recovery.

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Now you will discover the surgery was the "easy" part...the recovery takes patience and fortitude. But you will move through it. Give it a couple days to actually seem better. Just meet whatever needs he has for the next couple days...they are days to just get through.
Clean margins: two wonderful words. Get some sleep yourself.

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Will continue to keep Bob in our prayers, and thanks for the up-date

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Amazing what the doctors can do, and it sounds like you have a great team. All the best this weekend for rest and recovery.


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Now that is what it's all about. Fight on!!!!!


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Always good to hear it went like the Doctor's planned.

When they put my trach in, I had the same mucous with some suction the trach became a big help.

Continued prayers for less pain daily and speedy recovery. Patience for family and friends also.


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I am so happy for Bob! It is so good to hear wonderfull new's like this. Makes us all feel so positive. I wish Bob a smooth recovery! God bless you all!

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Our prayers were answered - have a great weekend.

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Glenna M
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I have been waiting for you to post again regarding Bob's surgery and I couldn't be more relieved to hear the outcome was so good.

As Judy said, our prayers were answered.

I will continue to keep you and Bob in my daily prayers.


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so glad to hear "clean margins"

will continue putting you, your husband & son in my prayers

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Glad to read this! Happy for Bob and your family. Still in prayer for you.

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He is doing well, right on track say the doctors. It's been a tough couple of days, but I could tell this evening it seemed like he was turning some sort of corner. He seemed more alert. Then they moved him from ICU to a regular room and that whole ordeal totally wiped him out and he's exhausted. Brian is spending the night with him tonight (he's young!) so make sure everything goes ok.

He really isn't having any problems - just the coughing up of the mucous thru the trache is annoying for him. His pain is controlled, etc. They had to put the catheter back in because apparently his pee muscles haven't woken up yet as he couldn't pee (TMI?). Doc says nothing to worry about - sometimes takes a few days. Trying not to worry about it.

I'm not totally exhausted yet, but am going to take advantage of Brian staying with him tonight and go to bed EARLY!

He will be in hospital at least 5 more days, per doc.

Thanks for the continued prayers and good thoughts.

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I'm so glad to hear the operation was a success and he's turning a corner, as you say.
(As for the pee muscles, been there and done that back when I had a broken hip. It's no big deal.)
You and your sweetheart will remain in my prayers.

--Jim in Delaware

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