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I am frustrated UPDATE

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Little story,had my colon surgery 2006, stage 3a everything have been fine since,I did chemo, pet scans, cat scans, lab work. This year my insurannce didn't approved a pet scan,because they said that with my history the guideline were not for a pet but a ct scan,so that is what was done last Sep. 2th,but in a different facility than the one that I have been going since the beginning, I didn't like that either again because of the insurance,O.K to make s long story short,they called me from my Dr. office 5 days later, and left a message saying that my scan was fine,but anyway I needed to keep my appoitment 1 week later,that appoitment was yesterday and now he tells me that he wanted to order a copy of my last ct scan so that the radiologist can compare apples to apples, because the radiologist compare it to my last pet/ct,now I have to wait til next Tuesday because he will no be at his office tomorrow or Monday, he repeated "don't worry everything is fine",I am very frustrated because when he saw the transcript of the results if he wanted to compare apples to apples, he had plenty of time to have it done and ready for my yesterday appoitment, now I am all worry for another 6 days,yesterday I almost did not sleep. My question " do you think is that necessary to compare same kind of scans?"
Thanks for any comments that you have.

First of all thanks to the 3 persons than answered my post, I never get too many answers to my posts, I have good news!! Dr. finally compared ct acan to ct scan, or how he said apples to apples and both scans were identical, year colonoscopy clear as well, so I am oficially celebrating my 4 years and 2 months NED!!! I will continue praying for all of you day by day, God bless you all.

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I am sorry that you have to go through this, but I hope that you keep pressing the issue with your insurance company.

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Kerry S
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This is why I get a CD copy of every scan I get. I have them all on my hard drive.

They can take an old scan and have the computer do the comparison of the new to the old. This is even better then a human could do it. If something is different the computer software will see it.


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Be happy that he is being so diligent. If he said not to worry, try not to. Comparing apples to apples just to be positive is a good thing. And then it will be in place from here forward.

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I'm so glad to hear that all is clear! Now you have your baseline in place for future comparisions too.

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Ya think maybe ya deserve it...LOL...I think so...congratulations on the longevity of your nedness.......and I am frustrated that I didn't post, my apologies, I will do better.....Love to you and yours ...Buzz

Fight for my love
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Great to know your excellent news.This is another milestone,congrats to you.

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That is wonderful! So happy for you.

Peace and Calm,


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This can be very scary with the scans but so glad that when they compared apples to apples glad that all came back fine. You should go out and celebrate a wonderful week of good news. Sorry for not posting earlier as I'm not on much lately. So happy for you though :)


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I'm sorry to be posting so late on this. I would have before, but my son in-law worked from home today, so I didn't have access to the computer. I'm glad everything turned out okay. I can certainly understand why you were frustrated!


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I am so happy for you with your great news!!!!!!! My radiologist likes to compare PET to PET and CT to CT. It is easier to spot any differences that way. Enjoy your wonderful news and God bless you.


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Normally, big mouth me, would have replied to your post and I would have said:
"OMG, I understand your frustration, kind of like the military, visiting the onc, hurry up and wait, you get to your appointment, waiting for an answer that still isn't there, (I've been waiting 3 months to find out about surgery now), but it's how it seems to work, and I'm so sorry for your frustration!!!"
But, I had chemo on the 15th, and due to muscle spasms and taking care of the fingers (gosh the oxy loves to tingle and the cold to hurt them) I'm not usually typing for a couple of days, or typing just a few sentences.
Now, on to today, I'm so happy for you, that you are celebrating your 4 years and 2 months!!!! I at some point hope to be saying the same.
You go girl!!!!!
Winter marie

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Congratulations on your good news! I am sorry I didn't post earlier, but to be honest, I have never had a PET scan, only CTs, so I didn't think I could offer any knowledge. Take good care!

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Good news on 4 years and 2 months. YAY!!

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Good good news


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excellent news!
Best from Barcelona!

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Sorry I didn't respond to your first post. I havn't been posting much....just reading. IIIC I had a CT come back with a new spot on my liver. We were aware of 3 spots and they are cysts and have not changed in 5 years. However my last scan showed a new spot. They did another scan and my oncologist reviewed all my scans and found the spot on a previous scan. She said sometimes depending on the "cut" things show up. Anyway, mine is fine. I understand the concern and will c ontinue to hold you up in prayer.

Glad that you got good results. Youkeep up the good work.

Big Hugs and Prayers,

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Nana b
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That's wonderful! Sometimes when I see others have given you (others) the same or more info then I could, I don't reply to posts. But believe me we are reading them and will jump in if we feel you need more info. I am happy that you are at ease now. That is very important in this journey. Relax and be prepared for the hurdles, then relax until the next one. Hopefully you and us will get through the journey without too many rough hurdles.

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Nice to hear you had good news too, Debbie... Always have to be on the lookout...
Take care, Chris

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It's been a long time since I've talked to you.

4-years and 2 months, huh? You are right there at the doorstep - how wonderful for you and what an accomplishment. You are where everyone wants to be!


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Wow! Thanks for staying on the board and offering encouragement to others!

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Congratulations on your NED, Bettina! I await the day my doc says those letters to me! With stories like yours, i have a lot of hope that someday i will hear them.


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At least they are trying to do their best with what they have. They can't make apple pie (NED) without all of the apples and other ingredients. I pray for you too. Jo Ann

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that is the best news, I just pray I get to where you are. I am going on 2 years this November, but still get worried at every scan or anything out of the norm, but I am sure you can relate....

Great news


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