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Hi all! eighth month check up still Ned

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Hi everyone I hope everyone is well I went to my eight month check up and still no sign of cancer praise God , I seen my ent thats the only doc im seeing now when I told him of the pain Im still having in my joints and feet he said if the problem is not from the neck up it is out of is hands and to make and appt with my primary but she said if it anything related to cancer its out of her hands but she will see me have any of you heard of this I thought that anything pertaining to the cancer the hnc doc will take care of it I could be wrong , and he also informed that my taste will never be the same as of now it is still not good but he wants the feeding tube out he said drink seven cups of carnation breakfast a day if I have to to get it removed but as far as the taste how can they predict how weak or strong it will comeback as ive heard many of you say that taste buds retured to normal after many months to a year but in my case this is what he said, do they go by were the cancer was and were the radation went? im bummed about it but im glad im still here my b day is in two weeks and my family want to give this big party to celebrate me being cancer free and still here I really love them for that but I was hopeing to spend the day reflecting on what ive been through and how God has brought me through privetly but im going through with it hoping people ive not seen scince before treatment dont make comments about the weight loss and constanly bringing up the cancer, the treatment ect.... I re live it daily and want to take this day as a reflection im slowly but surely getting use to the new me it is hard but with prayer im making it is slow to say the least but I im not alone, when I come here Im reminded of that God bless you all.

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Pam M
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Good to hear you're still on course. I know you've been hinky about having your tube removed, but your docs would not recommend removal if they weren't sure you'd be fine. Hope all goes well.

And Happy Birthday at little early. I can see how you'd want to spend some time reflecting. For my birthday, I had until lunchtime, and later in the pm to be with me - this worked fine for me.

I think you should tell your most chatty/bossy family member NOW that you want your birthday to be a celebration of your birth and current health, and not a chance for everyone to tell you you've lost weight (you know that) and ask about how horrible the cancer fight has been. Tell them you know that the others are just concerned about you, and that's wonderful, but the party will be a better time for the birthday girl if you don't have to revisit bad times. I'm sure they'll get the word out. I would rather be told ahead of time to avoid a certain topic than see a pained look on someone's face when I inadvertantly touch on a sore spot. For me, it was easier, because almost no one in my family mentions anything about cancer (you can deny it if you don't talk about it). Hope it's a blast for you.

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The doctors would not remove the tube unless they were comfortable doing so. I really thought it would be painful to have it yanked out, but it wasn't. You have been through a lot - so has your family. Sometimes I think it would be more difficult to see a loved one ill then to experience it ourselves. They love you and want to celebrate - that isn't a bad thing. Congrats on being clean for 8 months.

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I'm praising God with you!
Happy soon to be Birthday! Mine is in a couple of weeks, the big 40, and my family wants to do the same thing. I'm embracing the idea as it will be a time for them to celebrate their role in my recovery. They worried, prayed, and helped out in different ways and I see the party as a gift for them BUT I definitely know where you are coming from!

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I am so happy to hear you are clean! Yipee! Great News!
I drink 3 cans of Carnation VHC a day 560 calories each. You can get it on-line or at a pharmacy.
Happy Birthday! I agree with your other friends who posted about someone passing the word. This is a celebration of LIFE! You deserve it!
I recently met someone at the store that I had not seen since 2000. I lost 30 lbs and am 5'9"! She exclaimed "Oh, You look so thin!" Only by the grace of God, I came back with "Oh, thank you very much!" (It HAD to be the Holy Spirit guiding my tongue - cause what came to mind later was..."you look so fat!" Lol! It quieted her down, and the subject changed with ease. Hope this helps, even if it just gives you a laugh!
Trust in the Lord, and He will guide you.
My prayers are with you survivor! You can do this - you HAVE done it! Congrats & enjoy your new you!

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Hi Survivor, Nice to see you again and soooo good to hear about the NED report. I think most of us have some taste issues but hopefully it will improve with time. You need to start eating as much healthy food by mouth and get rid of that PEG. It takes time with the eating and it is a struggle but one you can do. The more you can eat by mouth the better and increase the range etc. You will be fine. Enjoy your birthday. Your family and friends are there for you and you are lucky to have them.

Keep getting better.


team stevens
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That's awsome news for you! I'm sure the dr's are confident that you'll do fine with the tube gone. I agree with the others, let them throw you a party & let someone know what you feel comfortable talking/not talking about.

EARLY HAPPY BIRTHDAY (p.s. use the party to give God the glory for what He's brought you through)
Let your Light Shine!!

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I too still have a PEG tube at 6 months. I can't wait to get it out. I hope at 8 months I can do it to....My doctor said as soon as I can get the 2200+ calories I need, it comes out too.
Thank God that you are here and cancer free !!!!! The new normal is to learn to enjoy the day with food tasting not as good as it used to, but the sunsets are just as beautiful!!!!!
Happy Birthday, I'm 59 and see how young you are in the picture and wish you didn't have to go through this at such an early age, and too pretty !!!
Gods love be with you,

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Congrats on the 8 month NED! Happy birthday also. My family wants to do the same on my upcoming birthday. I also am not too thrilled with the thought of people fussing over me, but they have been there for me, whether to listen to me complain or just to give me a pat on the back, so I figure it's the least I can do for them if they really want to.

My thoughts on the tube is if you can get in enough caloires get 'er yanked out. I'm 5 months out and still have my peg. Similar to Steve(hawk711) except to maintain weight I need to get in 3000 calories a day. To gain any weight I need to get in at least 3200-3400/day and right now I'm only 165# (down from 200# + a year ago - high metabolism doc says??)). And I'm eating as much as I can, but slowly, so I would have to eat sun-up to sun-down to get enough calories, but I'm trying. My goal is to have it out by end of October.

Positive thoughts to everyone!


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I am only about 1 month ahead of you pal. I was very frustrated till this week. All of a sudden I am feeling like eating more. I have been pumping in Biotene Mouth Spray for about a week. it seems to give me more moisture so I can swallow, with water of course. I just had a bowl of soup and a small chopped salad for dinner. Took me 45 minutes to eat, but it felt good to eat!!! My goal is before thanksgiving to get my PEG out, so hang in there and keep putting those big calories down! I hear your pain my friend, keep plugging, it gets better. (At least that's what the old timers say)...
All the best

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Thanks for the encouragement. Need it, as eating gets a little frustrating for me sometimes. Can eat ok, just slowly. Plus I'm trying to eat as healthy as I can, which means I'm avoiding the ensures, etc. Plus I'm back to working 60 hour weeks again so makes eating that much harder. Oh well, if that's the worst I deal with these days, I'll take it. Good luck!

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Great news on the 8 month milestone, just excellent. Enjoy the party, you only have a B-day once a year, even less when you get older!!! Cheers,


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Waking up to such great news this morning!! Congratulations Survivor...you really are!!!

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Keep up the awesome work....glad you are doing well....


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Great news glad to hear you continue to keep getting better.

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thanks everyone u guys are right I to need to move on and get this thing out with suporrt and words from you guys and my famiy im finnally ready so in a couple weeks its coming out you guys on this site are absolute angels kind hearted people all of you are very uplifting even on a bad day i come here and when I feel no hope you guys always lead the road to serinty and peace when I think there is none, this site and you guys are bleesing to me, just no u all inspire me to keep up with this fight and now im in warrior mode! I think i need to start making plans for this party ; ) I need to let u guys know u inspire me more than u ever know God bless u all

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