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Best tip for chemo side effects

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Hi Guys,

Reading through each day I find real gems, often home remedies for managing the side effects of chemo and radiation. I thought it would be interesting to pile them all up and take a look at them together. Anything is welcome, no matter how bizarre or controversial.
Here's mine for today:

1. Coffee Enemas: 32 oz. organic medium roast at body temperature, retained for 12-15 minutes. Always first thing in the morning, but on chemo day and rough side effect days I will take another enema before going to bed. The caffeine in the enema stimulates the bile ducts, allowing the liver to dump its' toxins which are released with the enema.
It was very weird doing these at first and even a little unpleasant. With time it has become comfortable and invaluable in my home treatment protocol. There is lots of info on how to prepare and do the enemas on the internet and even a couple videos (be careful what you search for as there are some kinky people out there). Enjoy your coffee,


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Pam M
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Wow, Bob - I had a coffee enema years ago (cleansing issue) - way uncomfortable. I do know that lots of folks do them multiple times a day. I kinda think that four enema-induced "movements" a day (what one couple does) is maybe not such a good thing, but I'm no expert.

My tip is for hands and feet. My skin got nasty during treatment. It fared the best when I gooed up regularly with lotion, and applied petroleum jelly every night at bedtime (gooed up, then put on socks and gloves to sleep in). I quit for a while (noticed a big difference) because I was worried about petroleum jelly (carcinogen, doncha know - it's in most of the "good" lotions), then my doc assured me that he feels comfortable using it every day for his skin. It worked much better for me than the organics I tried. Also, of course - need adequate water intake for skin.

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Nice tip Pam. My hands and feet have beeen drying up and itching like crazy in the middle of the night. I'll try this out. As for the enemas, 4 a day would certainly keep one clean and busy in the bathroom. A bit much for me too.


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I just never thought of taking my Coffee that way, On the another side I found a stuff called MiraLAX here is the web site http://www.miralax.com/miralax/consumer/default.jsp

It has been working great for me with no side affects using it everyday.

All the best to you.

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If I may joke: What a waste of coffee! At least I hope you use the cheap stuff.
Seriously: I really wouldn't put down anything that I haven't tried. I'm sure the coffee enemas will help some. I am actually glad that you found relief.

Neck radiation, obviously, changed my diet. I suddenly was not getting any fiber at all, and this had its effects. I started with mild laxatives. But then I added fiber back into the diet with apple sauce. Lot's of apple sauce. And the add fiber does help. At least that is my belief. Rick.

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The coffee enemas are very effective to help detox from the treatment, as said above, by kick starting the Liver. Not really used for constipation. I had a few after Surgery but wanted to add here that for those going in for Surgery, a colonic flush (or high colonic open irrigation) is a very good idea after surgery once you are off the pain killers so usually 7-10 days out.

For surgery, you are dosed up with anaesthetic chemicals, and then pumped to the eyeballs with pain killers, antibiotics and whatever. Most suffer some constipation and sluggish gut and bladder for a while and it takes a good while to clear the system and many residual poisons do get trapped especially in the colon. As such the Colonic irrigation 1. gets the bowel stimulated and working again and 2. clears the trapped toxins which are otherwise reabsorbed, in one clean sweep. This should always be done by a properly certified clinic. The results I had were quite astonishing within a few hours. I was carried into the clinic in bad shape, one brother on each shoulder. After the session I walked out upright and within 3 hours was jumping around like Joe Frazier ... (well that's how I felt).

The Caffeine Enemas are great during or after you finish chemo and rads. Don't knock it till you've tried it.


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I actually use the expensive organic stuff and have it fresh ground in 5 pound bags. My house always smells wonderfully of fresh coffee. In the beginning of my treatment when I was taking opiates for the pain the coffee enemas did help with the constipation considerably. I haven't needed the pain killers for almost 2 months now and my system has fully recovered and is very regular. The enemas are now used for detox only. I notice the effects on how I feel instantly.
Apple sauce sounds like a good source for additional fiber. A little ground flax seed helps well too.

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