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Yet another trip to my surgeon

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Well, looks like I am going to be heading to my surgeon again. He's going to determine what tests to do, colonoscopy or scan.


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So sorry Beth for this new complication...as I said in a prior post, the "hits" just seem to keep coming with this stupid a$$ cancer and it sure gets tiresome. My biggest fear is only having the one kidney. I know in my heart that I'm facing years of
treatment...Rituxan maintainence, possible recurrance and then more rounds of chemo, etc. My doctor even said we will have to be careful because of the risk of blowing out my only good kidney. Can you imagine having that happen and then having to deal with all that comes with kidney failure...too scary to even comprehend! Also...us baby boomers 60 and above don't exactly go to the head of the list when it comes to getting organ donations! Last year some Congressman even said..us seniors need to learn how to die with some dignity and quit having hip replacements, or expecting organ transplants,that all we were doing is draining money from the younger healthier generation. I told my hubby.. @&*k him and the horse he rode in on!!! I was just furious. Well...got a little off topic...sorry, but theres so much that scares the heck out me with what may lay ahead for all of us. Be sure to share what your surgeon decides to do and know I'm saying prayers as you go!...Love...Sue

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Do I feel vibrations of a soapbox speech? HAHAHA Believe me, I know exactly how you and the others feel. I can't help it myself sometimes. Just wants to make me scream. In this case the government feels like we have worked most of our lives and contributed to the tax system and now we are getting older and no use to society any longer. Why should they help us when we need it. Now we can kiss their A$$ and die. See what you made me do,get up on my soapbox. WHEW!!!!!!!!!! John

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So sorry to hear this. Keeping you close in prayer.

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Sorry to hear that, wow it just keeps coming!!!!! hang in there... All the best Vinny

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I am so sorry there is yet one more thing you have to deal with. I wish once someone gets a cancer diagnosis they would be free of everything else. It would only be fair. I wonder who we can talk to about that?? Seriously though I hope you can get through this with a minimum of trouble and the problem can be solved. Best of luck and I'll send positive thoughts and prayers. Mary

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