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Is it just me,or did anyone else have trouble with the mask the more their treatment went on. I was told last week they were goning to cut it short, instead of the 35 i was done after 33, but today i was told i would get the original 35 and for some reason the mask choked me and i almost stopped it. I know its only its only 2 more but for some reason my mind says its more. I know most of you went through more than i have but your posts got me through this. Thank You!

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hi don, i do remember my dad's mask getting tighter..he would come out of the treatment room with a bunch of marks on his forehead and side of face, as the treatments went on his face would swell up, the mask would get tigther..sometimes theyd adjust it and other times they left it.. so this discomfort may be due to your face swelling as a result of the radiation treatments..

i hope this help! in my thoughts as you go through this journey..


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D Lewis
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I got more and more uncomfortable as the treatments progressed. Toward the end of the treatments I did worry about the mucous choking me or making me gag and vomit while I was bolted down. At one point, near the end, I asked if they could cut a hole in the mask for my mouth, and they couldn't, because the mask had marks on it here, to help them line up the machine. But, I knew from the outset that I had 38 treatments to do, so I stuck it out.

You were just taken by surprise by the treatments added on at the end. In your mind, you thought it was over. That made it harder.


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Some folks take a mild anti-anxiety medication to help get through the rad treatments. It can make you pretty loopy depending on the dosage. 1mg can give you quite a calming effect, that driving home yourself could be an issue.
Mark used to get 1mg ativan IV during his chemo treatments and I had to steer him through the hospital afterwards because he was so spacey. But a 1/4mg or a 1/2mg by mouth could be just what you need to take the edge off and get your through.
Talk with your radiation oncologist...you will not be the first one to talk to him/her about feelings like this.

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I know the feeling, I was told I would get only 25 treatments of Rad and when the doc told me he was going for 10 more I did not like it al all. On my mask I had then cut it so I could see and breed out of it with no problems. If you just ask them they will tell you No they can’t do it, but if you complain to the doc you will find they can do a lot of things.

All the best to you

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