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Good news and not so good news

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Hi, Friends

Got word that my WBC became normal - so that is good news and that means I don't need the shots but the onc said I need to get the shots for 5 days before each chemo date. Huh! I am hoping that I get a break the week after chemo so that I can work 1 to 2 days (meaning right before chemo day). So how can I be reliable to work? Sigh.. Gotta to earn $$ if I can help it.

The other set back is that one year ago, I had itching and nerve/muscle body aches and it is thought I have Rheumatoid Arthritis but they went away last Feb. but got diagnosed last month with HL. Two days ago my body aches are starting to come back!! The onc said this has nothing to do with chemo. I am discouraged - what is going on? Does that mean I have dual diagnosis so to speak? Am going to see neurologist and see what happens. Tomorrow I see a dentist.

Feels like seeing doctors is a full time job!!

Thanks for listening,

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Oh Liz, I am so sorry you hurt. I have Fibromyalgia also and it truly intensifies aches and pain so I know that no matter what my doc said, it DID have an effect on me. For a few days especially after chemo I was in a world of hurt.

Don't know what the itching is. Can't say I have ever had that side effect from treatments, BUT I can barely go outside during late summer because the bug bites are so incredibly bad. I can be out seconds sometimes and I come in and have bites on my ankles and within a little bit have 2" dia itch like hell bites! I can't sleep and I scratch so hard that I bruise all over my legs so much that I can't wear shorts because it looks like someone has beaten me!

Take care,

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Hi Liz,
Did you know that our blood counts can be low and we might not even know it? I just assumed that if they were low we would feel tired and worn out. My doctor said some people can feel perfectly fine, have plenty of energy and not even know their counts are down. Since she said that I am constantly wondering, because I still feel so good as far as my energy level. My hubby says I "think" far too much and just need to put my brain in neutral. Oh so easy to say...but so hard to do. My prayers are with you Liz and I sure hope you get some answers for all of your questions...Love..Sue

Hi Beth,
On bug bites...It is really weird with me...mosquito's, flys, "ALL" bugs just seem to hate my body. Seriously...it's like there is something about me that insects make a wide berth around me. We can be in the boat, camping, sitting outside and everyone else will be swatting at bugs except me. I must give off a scent that keeps them at bay...weird huh?

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Tell me what you eat, wash and do laundry with and I'll try to change my scent! LOL
It truly makes my life miserable. I love to mess around in my flower beds and can't do it during this time.

It's crazy.

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