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Threads about statistics

hopeful girl 1
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Hello everyone.

I feel it is best not to get caught up in statistics. As some have stated, our bodies our individuals, and treatments have come along way. There are also other factors of how we take care of ourselves. I was surprised to meet for example a few people at radiation, who continued to smoke during their treatments-and would be out having a cigarette before treatment. I would believe it best to help ourselves, respond to treatment, to refrain from smoking for example. That kind of thing could be a factor in statistics.

Treatments have come along way, and statistics are improving and people are living longer according to the American Cancer Society.

I am hopeful that we can all combine the treatments and healthy choices to continue to expand the stats.

I would rather not hear the stats. My surgeon told me at the beginning my chances were 50/50 with surgery and treatment. He told me that as you reach the 2 year mark and 5 year mark your odds increase more and more.

Peace and healing to all.

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Well said my friend. It's a joke that people still smoke while doing radiation. You be well and let's all continue fighting to get the rid of this monster. Hugs june

hopeful girl 1
Posts: 454
Joined: May 2010


I am so glad that you liked my post and feel the same way.

It does not do any of us any good, to dwell on stats -and stats that don't have the full picture. My question is, say for example whatever hospital each of us is at, are they keeping tab of us in the stats, or are these just sampled areas or certain hospitals etc.
But let's not even take that any further.

Let's all take good care of ourselves, surround ourselves with positive people, and get enough rest and treat ourselves well.

I believe in prayer and strong faith as well.

Peace , tranquility and healing to you!

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