looks like Foliri rather than Folfox

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My onc nurse called and left a message. She said the onc was thinking Folfiri rather than Folfox because with Xeloda I had such bad hand and foot syndrome. I would have to do the 12 treatments over six months @4 hours at the hospital then a pump for 20 yrs for repeat two days. I'm thinking I would like to try it without a port but my veins have been through a ton of blood tests and of course surgery 14 days ago. I have enough scars on my body and the port isn't something I want. I was planning a trip to Florida to see my 2 year old grand daughter and my daughter in October. I need to drive down ( taking a one my cars down for them) but I will fly back. Hope this doesn't get stopped by all this. Well off to work just ten more days and I will be unemploye. Bad thing is I lose half of my health coverage since they are eliminating our jobs.


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    lm on folfiri Lou
    After 3 rounds no side effect at all except for total hair loose!