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4th stage Throid cancer

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Well never thought I would be in a chat such as this but was just diagnosed with stage 4 thyroid cancer.I went to a specialist my Doctor suggested and tomorrow I start Methimazole 10mg to bring down the thyroid count before surgery can take place.I will admit this is confusing to me.I am looking all over the web to see what foods contain iodine and what other words company's use for iodine.I know this is a life long thing that will take place after surgery but to me that is giving me more hope than I first envisioned.Thank you for letting me get this out there.

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I'm sorry to read of your diagnosis. I was diagnosed last year with Hurthle Cell Carcinoma Stage 3. I have just finished the low iodine diet and tests that followed. THYCA.org has a printable low iodine cookbook that was very helpful in knowing what foods were allowed and good recipes to follow. I hope this makes your journey easier.

Wishing you the best!

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for a low iodine diet i would recommend www.thyca.org has lots of good information and a good listing for the LID

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