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Hydration worked (Thanks all)

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I want to thank each and every one of you for your reply and support! It means so much to Dave and myself. (and all that have questions to be able to come here and get help from people with experience).
The Hydration was the problem with Dave not wanting to feed as he was very sick to his stomach from the cisplatin chemo drug. He is going to get another bag of fluids this morning and he is back to feeding on a regular cycle again. I can't thank you guys enough for the information. I like so many others would not have know what to do if not for you guys taking time out of your busy schedules to post and try to help those who are new to the cancer treatments and don't know what to expect. GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO CARE!!!!! Dave has 1 more cicplatin in about 2 weeks and this will be his last( woo whoo ). He has 20 more rads and he will be on his way to recovery. I am sure we will chat again between now and then, so again Thanks to you all :)
Blessings to all

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Glad to hear Dave is doing better, I had to do hydration with every chemo and sometime in the mid of the week if needed.

All the best to you both.

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De-hydration isn't fun at all...

After my second round of chemo, I let myself becaome slightly dehydrated. All I wanted to do was sleep because I was sick. The more I slept, the worse I felt. When I went in to have the pump taken off on Friday, I told them about being sick. Of course they got on me and told me whenever I need addtional fluids to come in.

They also told my wife about a need little trick for helping monitor fluid intake, "Tenting".

I explained it on another post, but it's very simple. You slightly pinch and pull up the skin on the back of your hand. If it "tents" up and is sslow to return to the natural state, you need fluids. If you have enough fluids, it'll return rather quickly to the natural shape.

My wife would drive me nuts, pinching the backs of my hands when I was half asleep...


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I'm glad your husband is better: at the clinic where my husband received his chemo, he got a bag of fluids the day of Cisplatin and then came back for the next two days to get a bag of fluid each day.

It is hard to recognize how bad dehydration makes one feel until rehydration occurs. I think it is amazing.

Best wishes for continued success on the hydration - and help your husband to hydrate very well the days BEFORE the next chemo, also.


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It's great that he is feeling better - Hydration can make things so much better.

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I hate when I do that.

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You might want to also look into getting it at home. When I was finished with treatment the Dr. had a home health nurse come and check on me. With my linmited medical background I was able to hook up my fluid my self.
Maybe a home health network in your area could be of some assistance. Glad things are looking up. wishe & Prayers

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