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Baby Troy is Home!!

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Troy completed his last round of antibiotics this past Saturday, and was released for home on Sunday. He saw the doctor today, and the doc said his weight is up to 6lbs 5 oz and now seems to be acting like a newborn should be acting. Thank God is all I can say. Thank you pink sisters for all your prayers and support for me during this stressful time. I pray he continues to flourish and grow into a healthy, strong young man.

Brooke who will be 19 months on the 28 of Sept. loves her brother in spite of being a bit envious when daddy holds him. She has been giving him lots of kisses on his nose and forehead since he arrived home.

My plan is to go to NC next week to help some with Brooke as her brother adjusts and grows.

I continue to pray for that little miracle and again want to thank all you gals for your care and concern.

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So happy to hear Troy is home. I hope he continues to thrive with all the love a new little one deserves. It's only natural for Brooke to be a tad jealous. After all a lot of attention is being bestowed on the new baby. She'll adjust. Enjoy your trip to visit Troy and family. Grandkids are fun!
{[hugs}} Char

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Jean 0609
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That is wonderful news. Prayers were answered. I will continue to keep him in my prayers. Brooke is so cute! I love your pictures. Have a safe trip to NC and give both of your grandchildren a hug from all of us. Hugs, Jean

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Great news Natly! Have a good trip!

Hugs, Jan

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Thanks for the wonderful news about baby Troy! I will continue to pray for him and have a safe trip.

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Miss Murphy
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It's so great to hear the news about your little grandbaby! Have a wonderful visit with him and his family next week. I'll still keep you and your family in my prayers. Safe travels.

Hugs, Sally

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Miss Murphy
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It's so great to hear the news about your little grandbaby! Have a wonderful visit with him and his family next week. I'll still keep you and your family in my prayers. Safe travels.

Hugs, Sally

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I hope you can see me smiling all the way to California! I am just going to be happy to finally exhale~ blue is soooo not my color! LOL

YAY YAY YAY YAY~ so very happy!


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So glad to hear this, God is good!! Have a great time on your visit. God Bless
(((Hugs))) Janice

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Great news!!!! Yay!!!

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Great news. I will continue to say prayers that all progresses positively with Troy.

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Awesome! So glad to hear this wonderful news! I'm happy for you & your family. Now you can get to spoiling that new baby boy :)

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Natly, glad to hear baby Troy came home and I'm sure everyone is thrilled, even his big sister, Brooke. She'll adjust pretty fast and help spoil him, too. Have a good trip to NC and enjoy the time you're able to be with your family.

Marsha Mulvey
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Six and a half pounds! That's great, so glad that little Troy is home! Have a wonderful trip, and give both of those babies all the good things that grandmas give. My best to you and yours.

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Glad to hear that baby Troy is perfect. Have a wonderful time with the family and grandbabies.

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Bella Luna
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This is wonderful news! I am so glad to hear baby Troy is home with his family, where he belongs. Congratulations on the latest edition to your family! God bless.

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So glad all is well and baby Troy is home and well. I bet you can't wait until next week right. Take care and give him a hug for me Kay

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What wonderful news Natly, thank you so much for updating us I am so happy little Troy has made it hope. I will continue to keep him in my prayers.


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So glad that Troy is doing well!!! Praying that he continues to thrive and grow.


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What wonderful news! So happy to hear he is home with his family and doing better. Enjoy your visit and please keep us posted.
♥ Cat

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The power of prayer and positive thoughts :-))) And of course well educated doctors and staff.

Enjoy your time with the little ones, next week. We will be thinking about you!

Vicki Sam

Mama G
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YEAH! So glad to hear the good news Natly! Prayers are answered.

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Thank goodness! I've been praying for him. Just back from the neonatal convention in Savannah. One of the talks was on "The Late Preterm Infant." They are indeed a special group. But it sounds like Troy has recovered and is doing well--yea!!

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Enjoy your trip to NC--spoiling those beautiful babies.

Hugs, Renee

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