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Surgery Wed, 9/15 - Please Say a Prayer

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We will report to the hospital at 6 am in the morning for my husband's 8:00 am surgery. Met with doc and staff today and he lined it all out. He'll have radical neck dissection on right side, removal of tumor and surrounding tissue on hypopharynx, take muscle/tissue from left arm and make a "flap" where they removed throat tissue, then they will graft tissue from the thigh to put over the removed tissue on arm area. Whew! All this will require a trache to be put in due to swelling and just to help him breathe for a few days after surgery. They tell us he should not have to come home with it, but we'll see. Two doctors, 2-3 days in ICU, total of 7-10 days in hopsital total. Some scary stuff let me tell ya.

BUT... we are trusting in the Lord and in our doctors. We are at a teaching hospital with the latest techniques, knowledge and gadgetry (for lack of a better word).

Please take a minute tomorrow if you can and send up a prayer for my husband and our family, it's going to be a rough few weeks and the journey back to health starts tomorrow.

Take Care everyone,


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james chambliss
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I will keep you in my prayers!


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I will be saying a prayer for your husband and your family. I was operated on in December of 2006 for cancer on the pharynx side which was hidden below my tonsil. I did have a radical disection and fourteen lymph nodes were removed. I did not have to have any more surgical procedures such as your husband is having but due to swelling I did have to have a trach put in. This was removed however before I left the hospital. After thirty five radiation treatments and chemo once a week for seven weeks my cancer was taken care of. By the grace of God I have now got to spend going on four years with my wife, family and friends. Life is not what it once was but I have hope and faith in God that someday soon that there will be some procedure available that will help the side effects that radiation left me with. God Bless

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Prayers headed your way.

--Jim in Delaware

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Done deal, will be sending thoughts and prayers your way...for your husband and the team that will perform the surgery.


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Prayers have been sent and I'm wishing the best for both of you tomorrow.

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are headed your way

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Prayers going you way for many things, patience, knowledge and expertise for doctors, very little pain, quick recovery in ICU, save travel for you and family back and forth to hospital, prayers for the nurses/support staff to give the best of care.

Trach is not that bad, it looks bad but it sure helps.

Make sure your husband knows that everyone here at CSN are on his team of supporters.


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prayers coming your way, and wish you all the best.

Kent Cass
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it is Beckon Call to All for Prayers- for Kimmy, husband and family. And Mick, of course. We got some serious business happening, Folks.

Kimmy- the fight can be long, and take it's toll upon the one with C, and those he/she holds dear. We, here, know more than most where you and your husband are at. And we're there with you and your family in hopes and Prayers.



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You and your husband will be in my thoughts tomorrow. Surgery day is a lot of waiting for you. When he comes out and to his room you will be the best thing for him. Mark had very good nursing care; but I was by his side helping him in whatever way I could. They would have allowed me to stay all night; but I went home to make sure I got some rest so I could take care of him the next day. When I arrived he was sitting in a chair.
No sugarcoating: recovery from Mark's surgeries was rough. But I took comfort in knowing that every moment of every day his body was working to mend and heal. Every day that passed was a huge accomplishment.
Mark is 2 months post all treatment and is doing great. I really believe the extensive surgery he had up front was what allowed his chemo and radiation to not take such a toll.
Day by day. This will be difficult, but you both will move through this.
Good energy is being sent your way. Take care of yourself,

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Vivi C
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Praying Kimmy! Rest in His perfect peace!
God bless,

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I am praying for you ! I appreciate all the things you have said to help me. So Know I am holding you close in my thoughts.

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Thinking of all of you today Kimmy. I look FWD to some good news soon.

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Pam M
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I'm picturing you telling us that the surgery went well, and both of you got a good night's sleep after the procedure.

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Kim, Hope everything goes well and sending good vibes your way. Cheers


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Hoping all goes well and of course prayers are coming your way.


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You all are in my prayers

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Coming your way.....

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strength and love coming your way too - x0x0 ...


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Pam M
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I put in my good word (a couple times so far). Now I'm going "Crud! Still in surgery - will probably be for hours - she won't be able to update us til sometime tomorrow maybe". Do well.

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I am praying for you and your family.

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Glenna M
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Kimmy, I will be praying for you and your husband.

Stay strong,

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Kimmy .... sending prayers to you & your family! Hugs

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Positive thoughts coming your way!


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I hope and pray that everything goes well. God bless your family.

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