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Found cancer on my ovary today. Dr thinks it stemmed from colon cancer.

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I was dx with Stage IV cancer last July. On April 6th of this year I was declared NED. I had my first CT scan in July and it should an abnormal cyst on my remaining ovary. The dr said the markers did not indicate that it might be cancer. She wanted to remove it to be safe. Well, it did turn out that she could visually see cancer on the ovary. She removed it and then sent everythign else off to pathology. I go back on Friday to find more details.

Has anyone else had an experience like this? My husband said she didn't seem like "doom and gloom"; whatever that means.

I really didn't think I would have to deal with cancer again so soon.

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I haven't dealt with anything like that, just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you and your in my prayers and thoughts. Hopefully as your husband said it's not all doom and gloom, but it sucks big time that your going through this again.

Big hugs

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It is really tough to have a recurrance and to contimplate what that means. Here's hoping that the surgery will be all that is necessary.

When I had my initial surgery, the doctor also did a total hysterectomy. I wondered about that at the time, but given my age it wasn't a real concern. There was no sign of cancer in those organs, so maybe as much preventative as anything else.

Take care and prayers for good news at your follow-up visit on Friday.

Marie who loves kitties

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Sorry that you have a recurrence from cancer. Hopefully when the surgeon you see on Friday (or doctor) will give you a game plan. Good luck.


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I too had these adnormal cyst on my ovaries and also in my bladder, but with the chemo and the chemo i am on now they have literally taken care of themselves and are nolong showing up on any of my scans, my Oncologist seems pleased that they are gone, and i had a urologist check out the bladder and he said there was no sign of cancer there,

so i would follow your Docs suggestions but don't look at it as doom and gloom because atleast in my case they were responsive to chemo.\

Good luck and take care

Live, Love, Play

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Nana b
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Gosh, what is going on, on this board. Sad news, after sad news. I hope they got it all and that you will be NED soon!!!

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I am sorry to hear this and wish you well.

I would like to thank everyone who has posted lately about colon cancer spreading to the ovary(ies). Nowhere did I read this in anything officials in all the materials I got from my doctor and published by the NIH or ACS. I have only gotten this information from this board and from colon cancer survivors. Everything I read was geared toward prevention and detection of the cancer spreading from the colon to the liver and lungs. That probably is based on a male model of colon cancer rather than a female model.

Has anyone out there just gone ahead and had a hysterectomy after colon cancer to eliminate this possibility? I am certainly thinking of it.


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He wanted to do a hysterectomy because it has a high tendency to recur in the ovaries. I decided not to have the hysterectomy done if all looked good and it did. Then, 2 years later I had a recurrence on my right ovary :(. Of course, if I had gotten the hysterectomy done during the original surgery, would I have not had the recurrence or would it have been elsewhere? Who knows.

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My colon cancer was first thought to be ovarian because that is where the mass was found. I had a complete hysterectomy and then it was discovered to be c.c. I think it is more common than we thought and you are right about it being based on the male model.

Good luck with your decision. You will be in my prayers.


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My colon cancer in my sigmoid is also attached to my uterus, and originally on my right ovary was another tumor.(they have shrunk so much can't see them on ct scan).
So your probably right about it being based on a male model of colon cancer.
Oh well.

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I had a partial hysterectomy years ago- and due to my age they left my ovaries. 2years ago when they did my resection, the plan was also to take the ovaries as well. But due to emergency nature of surgery, they were left. Then I had take down surgery 7 months later, my colorectal surgeon called in an OB/GYNO to the surgery room and he removed the ovaries. My thought then as it is now, this was one less place for cancer to find a home!

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My surgeon recommended a complete hyeterectomy when I had my resection. I went ahead and had this done, everything, including the cervix. They wanted to get rid of any organ that could later get cancer.


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I am glad you were able to have it removed + hope you will hear good news on Friday. I have not been a surgical candidate either for my primary tumours or mets on my liver. I also have an enlarged ovary, which is likely cancer too.

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I was dx for stage 3 colon cancer in May of 2009. Cancer was found in a few of my lymph and I had a tumor removed and resection done. Just last month my CEA levels started rising so they started x-rays to find a large tumor on my ovary. I go in for a complete hysterectomy this Friday. They are planning on following it up with chemo. I found a place called chemofx where they test your tumor to chemo agents to see which is the most effective. I have been in contact with them and plan on using their services. After or I guess during the chemo I will be getting a PET scan. I do have a small nodule on a lung that normally they wouldn't worry about that we are going to take a closer look at now. I'm pretty freaked out right now but there is comfort in knowing I'm not the only one going through it and there are survivors.
Love Rita :)

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Hi there. Sorry you are having to deal with this. As I just posted earlier this evening to Rita, I was thought to have ovarian cancer, but during surgery it was discovered to be colon ca. Unfortunately from what I have been reading here of late is that it is not terribly uncommon. I did have a complete Hyst. and have had no problems. I currently only have mets to the lungs and am doing drug trials for that. Best to you! Jean

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I'm really sorry you got this news. I'm praying things will go well and get you back to NED very soon!


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Thank you all for your support. I spoke to my Dr this morning. It looks like I am going to have to go back on treatment. I am not sure right now what kind or how long. She is still waiting for the pathology report.

She does think it stems from the original colon cancer. My question was "why didn't it light up on the PET scan back in March?" She said that was a good question and that a PET was not 100% but the best tool they have right now.

I am trying not to get down about this and look at it a a bump in the road. I am keeping my faith that God has this all under control.

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