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i just looked up lynch syndrome and was sad to see what a difficult condition to live with for all these years. i don't know when you first learned you inherited it, but i certainly know it must have been very hard for you and your family. it seems like you've gone through a lot in your life, yet you seem to still have such a joie de vivre. just wanted you to know i'm thinking of you.

pal, maggie

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I am sorry for all your losses. I am so happy you have gratitude, too. It is wonderful you live with deep peace and gratitude. May joy continue to fill your life. What a wonderful example you are. In peace and caring.

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Connie, thanks for sharing your story. You have had so many tragedies in your life and yet you are able to appreciate the joys in your life. That takes a very special person and you obviously have made the most of those gems that have entered your world. The Art world is obviously an important part of your world and has a profound influence on your ability to move on and see the beauty in life. And oh, enjoying the Venetians....that is awesome. I have only been to Venice once, but found it enchanting.

You are a very special person and I wish you a life filled with only good things and happiness!


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it was heartbreaking to hear of all the dear ones that you've lost, mostly through cancer, and then of the tragic accident that took your beloved matthew. and then to hear what you did-- what a mother would have to do-- for her children: remain standing and strong. i believe there are some losses we just don't get over, nor, do i think, we should even try to do so--despite conventional wisdom. personally, i don't believe in "letting go", and i think many jews, in particular, feel that way. i understand that your cancer is secondary to the loss of your husband; i well understand that. if i think of my partner, or any of my children or grandchildren having cancer, i know i would trade places with them in a heartbeat. sometimes, when i'm feeling superstitious, i believe that somehow my having cancer will protect any one of them from it. wishful thinking, of course.

your joys, too, are so many--friends and family, music, literature (you have some great housemates!), art, and, as i've said, joie de vivre, an unconquerable spirit. and how fortunate to have venice as a second home; i loved it most of all the italian cities i visited, and especially loved peggy guggenheim's home/museum. what a beautiful and mysterious city venice is; thomas mann, i think, really captured the feel of it.

i'm glad i caught you in a reflective mood, connie, and learned of your sorrows and great joys, and that you can say now, after all you've endured, that you live with "deep peace and gratitude." these are the jewish days of awe, and i have to say, i'm in awe.

sisterhood, as always,

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