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I just want you all to know how much I love and respect you all. You are what keeps us going and you're often the forgotten ones on the sidelines.

While everyone is so concerned with my health, my husband is often ignored and I seriously think he's suffered more than I ever did. He's my best friend and my rock. Even though he never talked of his feelings, I know it's been hardest on him.

When my dad was going through his cancer ordeal, I don't think my mother was given a second thought. She was the one that watch him through his illness and setbacks. She had to deal with the love of her life, her best friend go through something so impossible and so devastating.

Again, just a huge thank you from me.

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amen Holly....well said


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God bless the caregivers. I now have been on both sides. My mother died at 54 from breast cancer and my father at 67 from lung cancer. I was the primary care giver for my father. It was an experience I would not wanted to do with out but I was totally emotionally exhausted from the experience. Now that I have rectal cancer I still have more emp;athy for the caregiver I know how helpless you feel. We at least feel like fighting etc but you are just along for the ride which is REALLY hard. GOD BLESS ALL YOU CARE GIVERS. Take in every moment with your loved one ignore the out burstes and reconize the fear.This is the hardest thing you well ever do. My heart goes out to you. Love Laura

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Kerry S
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I also am blessed to have the very best caregiver. The scary old woman has done wonders for me. She even is a big help when I have to change my bag. She has read all the food intake suggestions everyone has given me and plans our meals to them. She also gives me a kick in the *** when I need it.


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It's not easy, but she wants to protect u as much as possible. My mom calls my sis and I the Gestapo. My relatives call me a beeyoch, for not letting them visit so much (overnighT) and my moms friends have called me General Honore who restored after Katrina. I am honored to help my mom in between her cursing me out for throwing out all the. Pork. And beef in the house.

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I've not met Suzie, but love her!!

My Dave doesn't mind kickin' my big ole hiney when I need it too.

He's always been a much better cook than I have, and he was sure to always make me what I would eat.

He went to many a Dr. appt with me and made sure on disconnect days that I would have a ride to and from chemo. Those were the worst days for me and I was really too dizzy to drive.

I am also very blessed to have a caregiver that ALWAYS gives so much of himself. My kids are right up there on that list too. I don't know how many nights my daughter stayed with me in the hospital after my resection or my son drove me to chemo. I am so lucky to have them all!

Fight for my love
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Thank you,Holly.

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thank you, but you guys are the real heros!!! I read all your posts and watch my husband and honestly dont know how or where you get the strength from to fight so hard everyday... I am proud to call you all friends and am soooo proud to be chris wife!!


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Amen, Holly!


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Often our caregivers are our inspiration + what keeps us going when times are tough.

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Wow, just what I needed to hear today!
I resigned from my job this afternoon.....it got to the point that I was gone more than I was there. I had just started this August and had no vacation or sick leave or insurance.
I feel so guilty because I really left them in a bind and I should have just refused it when it was offered to me (the same day we found out hubbys dx)...I just had hopes it would all work out.
I also feel SOOOOOOOO happy that I can be home to take care of him!
Thank you for this post! It just helped a little guilt go away. (o:

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Everyone at my job was very supportive and understanding..when I apologized to my boss he told me I was doing what was most important and not to look back, just help my husband and kids get through this. What a guy! (he had cancer last year, so he "gits it" (o:

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Thanks for your kind words. You are all amazing to me, just amazing.


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thank you for for reminding us of the other warriors on the line with us!


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and well put. Those are the people that have to watch us go through it, not being able to do a damn thing to stop it. Nick drove me to every appointment, and sat through every single treatment with me. He made sure to keep the fan on at night, and turn it off in the morning so I could get out of bed. He made sure I was comfortable, had whatever dumb foods I wanted at the moment, and catered to whatever stupid mood I was in at the time. In time, he learned so well that I didn't have to say a thing - just my eyes told on me! He was the one who listened to the doctors, asked the questions, and watched me in ICU. Actually - I believe the caregivers are the heros - we just have to sit in the damn chair!

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