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ENT visit Tuesday

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My dad has a follow visit with the ENT Tuesday. The last two visits did go well. This visit will determine if we find a new doctor. The question I have is this:

When dad had his scans the end of August, the Pet scan indicated mild activity on the original site of the cancer, his tongue. The oncologist told him it was a 3 and anything under a 4 was not cancer. What should I tell the ENT if he wants or suggests a biopsy or surgery at this point in time. I have a feeling that is going to be the first thing he says. My dad not even three month out of treatment yet.

I appreciate any advice. Also please pray that I can control my temper that seems to flair the minute this doctor walks in the room almost an hour late everytime :)


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Pam M
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By the time you read this, the appointment will probably be over. Hope it goes/went well, and you didn't swear (out loud) at anyone. what type of biopsy do you think the ENT will want? My needle biopsies were quick and not painful. Deep breaths

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I understand your claws come out occassionally & you throw a little "hissy fit" as we say down South. You're being protective of your Father and I feel for you. Give us an update when you get a chance. We're on your side.

Sending some prayers to you & your family.

Kent Cass
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How did it go today, Kathy? Might not respond until tomorrow, as it's bedtime. Am wondering how your visit went with the ENT.


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