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New concerned daughter

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I am not sure what to say to everyone. I have read so many stories and feel that you are all amazing people who are brave and whose fight deserves a victory. I wanted to post a little about my mother to ask if anyone has had a similar regiemn and what kind of success was found. My mother was diagnosed in 04 with stage 3 right colon with I believe 10 lymph nodes, she had the surgery and followed up with chemo (I believe Xeloda, as it was by mouth). She progressed in 2008 when she requested a liver CT (and I can't remember why). Her onc was only following her bloodwork and she never had elevated labs. Sorry, this part kind of fuzzy. Anyhow, when she did have the scan she had lung and liver mets---two in liver I think 6 cm approx. and very small(1mm) to lungs with peritoneal seeding. She went into a clinical trial in Jan. of 2008 which gave irinotecan, 5-fu, erbitux, and avastin. She stayed on for 9 months and had fantastic results. Stable disease for many months. She was off (of everything) then for another 6 months and then had progression--liver mets growing ascites...She then went on oxiplatin and Xeloda for 5 months and in April of this year began progressing. She now has ovarian mets (8 cm, bilateral) and has been on irinotecan and erbitux since May 2010. First Ct showed slight progression, next one is tommorow, and I am worried. Has anyone followed this kind of treatment. I realize that her first treatment was very unique, but just interested in other similar stories. Thanks, and I hold you all in my prayers. PA

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Hi PA,
I don't have the answers you are looking for. I just wanted you to know you and your mom will be in my thoughs and prayers. My mom was diagnosed with rectal cancer in March of this year. She has been staying with my husband and me since. She has a permanent colostomy which she is handling quite well for a 79 year old. She is currently undergoing chemo.
I hope everything works out well for the both of you,
Linda and Ellie

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I don't have all the answers for you; someone else will but i just wanted to say "welcome", you have come to a good place.

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Sorry dont have answers just want to asay welcome and tell you and your mom to stay strong your in my prayers also,


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