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dry, hard cough

team stevens
Posts: 46
Joined: Sep 2010

Morning, i think mike pulled a muscle in his chest coughing last night, is this possible

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Joined: Aug 2010

Speaking as an asthmatic who has pneumonia several times a year, yes, it is possible to strain a chest muscle from hard, prolonged coughing.

Remember, that pneumonia is a distinct possibility for anyone at any time, particularly from aspiration and is suffered by those who take H&N cancer treatments which cause the thickened, hard-to-expectorate saliva.

Don't fail to make a phone call to the doctor if the pain worsens or doesn't go away!

Better safe than sorry!

team stevens
Posts: 46
Joined: Sep 2010

he says the pain's not as bad, but it's still there. Even though he has a dr's appointment Wednesday, I'm taking him in tomorrow, to be sure

Pumakitty's picture
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Please be careful. My mom broke her chest bone and a couple of ribs from coughing. It was not fun.


team stevens
Posts: 46
Joined: Sep 2010

thanks pumakitty, i'm taking him to the dr. tomorrow to be sure it's nothing serious

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