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$154.00 saved so far in costs, hoping it gets much more....

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My Onc asked me to quit smoking, it's been rough, really rough, I admit to not totally having stopped, around 9:30 PM at night when my hubby lights one up and I smell it, I have to have one, sometimes two. But for a two and a half pack smoker a day, I'm doing pretty darn good.
I resist all day long, hubby goes outside during the day to smoke, I let him smoke in our truck as I drive because I know he will go nuts if he doesn't. Driving I thought would be the worst for me, since drive, smoke, etc... Turns out, that I smoked at EVERY occasion, driving, sitting, reading, drinking pepsi, drinking period, rain or shine, so driving and not smoking isn't that bad.
For some reason it's the night that gets to me. Have to have a cigarette. Just proud only one or two every 24 hours now. I've come a long ways baby!!!!

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I had to write this because it's 8:42 PM, and I was really thinking about sneaking a cigarette, I actually think of cheating all day long, but somehow manage not too. I have to get over this after 9:00 PM, all is good to go attitude wise though, I WANT to be smoke free. Out of five in household, one still smokes, my hubby. LOL, sort of, okay, so I was mean the other night, he lit another cigarette after I asked him not to, and when he did light up, I took his carton and hid it, in the morning, I couldn't remember where I hid it though, freaking chemo brain, he was pretty ticked off, and went and bought another carton. Finally found it, I hid them in the bathtub, LMAO>

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Is so far hubby has bought 3 cartons of cigarettes, if I had been smoking my usual amount, it would have been 6 cartons of cigarettes, so far that makes a savings of 154.00 in my cost of cigarettes.

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I caved on Tuesday night, when a friend came to stay with us, and bought another pack. Stopped again on Friday, it has been almost 72 hours without a smoke. It is hard as hell, and I want one with every cell in my body, but I know, for me to get better, I have to stop. It's hard, and I commend you for reducing it so much Dizz. Great job! Soon you will be able to stop completely!

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I'm so proud of you, and looking forward to 24 hours without a cigarette myself!!!!
We are in the same boat, knowing we'll be sooo much better without yet dealing with the trying to hold back that awful craving!!!!
Don't feel bad about the cave in's, once you start feeling horrible about it, then you start thinking, well, I had one yesterday, today won't hurt, blah, blah blah, well, at least that's what I tell myself!!! Someday I have to start quitting talking to myself. LOL.
Let's keep on going with this stoppage of an expensive, totally useless, totally harmful to ourselves habit!!!! Great job on the 72 hours though!!!! Much better then I've done so far.
Winter Marie

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You rock! Very proud of you!!


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I'd say that's something to be proud of. Now, tell your hubby you'll give HIM that $154.00 if he'll quit for the same amount of time. If he sees it as a challenge he might bite. Tell him he'll have $300.00 if he can quit for X amount of days that he can spend on anything accept cigaretts. Cold hard cash can speak volumes. You guys might just beat it easier together. But I know it's gonna be tough...
Good luck

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I've been working on him as well, he's being totally resistant though, you know the old saying "you can lead a horse to water but....."
Would be easier if he was of same mind set, see onc tomorrow, maybe he can give a little lecture, LOL, won't work though, big sigh!!!
Winter Marie

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Once you've made it a full 24 hours it will be easier.

I have quit twice now and I've stuck with it the 2nd time. If it weren't for all the stress of this freeking disease I would have done it the first time. The first time I quit I used Chantix and it works like a charm! It was about a month before my 1st surgery and I really wanted to quit before it and I did, but a few months later the stress of worrying about spots on a scan and holding off on chemo until the spots were resolved was too much to deal with w/o a cigarette. I smoked for about another 8 months. Finished chemo and decided to celebrate that I was going to quit again. That was Sept '09 and I did it cold turkey.

I also always wanted at least just that one before bedtime, it was the hardest one to give up. Once I made it through that first night w/o one it was a little easier the next and easier the next. Every night I when I'd go to bed I'd sit with my laptop and go to my Google calendar and write 1 day No Cigs, 2 days No Cigs and so on and as the days built up it was feeling great! On Sept 25th I can write 1 Year No Cigs!

I have a hubby that smokes too so I know how that can make it harder. I'll warn you though the 2nd hand smoke really annoys you after you've become a non-smoker. If you are hiding his cartons now, he better just give up and quit too if you do, lol. Good Luck, I know you can do it!


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congrats on making the attempt on a regular basis for good health :)

most of us, or a lot of us, have been where you are at: quitting smoking. I am coming on my 4 year mark this fall. I did mine with double patches and nasty tasting mints and although the process sucked, I really didn't have any cravings. It wasn't easy- and continues to be a low-grade threat to me. Meaning that no way will I start again, but I also know to stay away from the triggers. Very much like an alcoholic. And so it goes :)

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It is one step at a time. My son came over last night and I asked him for a hit from his but he wouldn't do it. It does get easier. I have this little meter that keeps track of it on my computer. Here are my stats.

I have been quit for 2 Years, 4 Months, 11 hours, 11 minutes and 26 seconds (853 days). I have saved $3,840.59 by not smoking 17,069 cigarettes. I have saved 1 Month, 4 Weeks, 1 Day, 6 hours and 25 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 5/13/2008 12:15 AM

If there showed no harm to smoking I'd light up today. But haven't smoked in two years. You can do it and it does get better. Way to go on trying to quit.


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congrats dizz.....good work and keep it up. I used to smoke .....I think I have been quit for 30 years and every once in while I think....mmmmm just a puff would be nice.
I remember very clearly just how tough it was to quit....I have been through so much blasted CANCER, surgery chemo and I still think it's hard to quit the old nicotine.

Kim I love your computer stats......that's great....so amazing to see it all written down


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but Dec 18th 2007 I decided to just not smoke that day, then just decided to just not smoke the next day, and so on. My point, I have never had much success in quitting anything, so if I simply decide not to smoke today that still leaves the opportunity open for tomorrow so there is no super critical stage to my cessation, only to decide if I want to smoke the next day or not so I still leave the option open with no regret , only that my time will have to restart as well, and I think that since I still could smoke one as long as my leg I will most likely decide not to smoke again today and quite possibly tomorrow, but I can always leave the option open for me this way and so far so good...

Congratulations on your vigilance in this matter...my wife quit also when she saw that I was adamant about it for myself. She smoked about 5-10 cigarettes a day. I smoked about 2 1/2 packs a day for 40 years...

Love to you all, Buzz

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Congrats on stopping smoking. I was a 2 1/2 pack a day smoker for 30 years. I quit...cold turkey... 8 years ago. I had to take a week off work cause everyone there smoked and I knew it would make it that much harder. Every day that passed I put the money I would have spent on cigarettes in a BIG jar. It was like reward of the day. 1 year later I had saved enough money to take a 7 day vacation to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. ALL expenses paid by money that normally would have been "up in smoke".... cha ching!!!


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I quit on 5-4-09 the day I found out what my tx plan was. My dr told me I would heal better if I didn't smoke. I was a 35year 1 pack a day smoker. I used the nicorette gum, which I love and still chew till this day. I will quit chewing when I can. Lori

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I love the cha ching!!! So far I've already been spending the money on landscaping my yard. I too was 2 1/2 pack a day, and for about 37 years now, and at $52.00 a carton, I figure I should be saving some big money!!!
Just one day at a time, saw my onc today, and he asked about it, and told him yep haven't smoked in nine days, except for one or two at night, he said well somebody here's been smoking, and looked at my still smoking hubby. He then informed hubby it's really hard if the other doesn't quit.
Since I don't think he's about to quit one way or the other so I just got in the mindset, that I won't nag him about it, and I'm just that much stronger in mind in resisting re-joining him in our heavy habit.
Only thing is I LIKE SMOKING. Oh well.

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Being a former 32 year smoker, up to 2 packs/day, I quit about 7 years ago. To tell you the truth, I don't even remember what year it was, but I know it was at the end of January when I came home from Hawaii. I took my usual 2 cartons of Duty Free ciggies with me and when I came home with still an unopened carton, I said to myself, "Aha!! If you can go on vacation with the same amount of ciggies as you always go with and come home with a whole carton, then girlie, it's time to quit!"

Now... let me point out... I am NOT one who can stick to a plan ;) If I had the willpower to do that, I would have gotten rid of this weight years ago and stuck with a plan so that it never came back. After a lifetime of dieting, exercising, more dieting, more exercising... and no success, even my doctor has said "There comes a time when you just have to give up beating yourself and accept that you are never going to be skinny" :) You had to be there to hear him say that... he's been my GP since I was 21 yrs old and he KNOWS how hard I've tried, but not succeeded (don't anyone even begin to tell me about a diet plan... seriously, I've been on all of them and then some made up ones) :)

Well, smoking was the same thing for me. I knew that if I didn't attack quitting 100%, I was not going to quit... so who was I fooling?? If I tried to quit when I didn't want to, then obviously I was doing it to impress others... but would only end up disappointing them when I started again, which I knew I would. So I never even attempted to quit... there was no point. But something tripped a trigger for me ... and that trigger was when I came home with a full carton of unopened ciggies.

So, yes, I decided I was going to quit. Rumour has it, when you try to quit smoking, you end up quitting/starting 5-10 times before you quit for good. Well, I'm a bit of a stubborn rebel and refuse to be a statistic in anything I do, so there was no way I was going to put myself through quitting/starting/quitting/starting/etc. If that was going to happen, then I may as well just continue smoking since, I really and truly did enjoy it! I was never one of those smokers who said, "I HATE it but I can't stop!" Me? I LOVED smoking and had no idea if I could stop because I had never tried... why quit something you really enjoy?? :)

But then I did get informed and the day came where I couldn't argue the facts. Not only is smoking really bad for me, but it also is hurting anyone around me so why would I be doing this to my friends and loved ones? But, I still was stubborn enough that I didn't want this to be a "Oh ya, I've quit" one day and then, "Ya, it didn't work, I started smoking again." I know a lot of people who did that so by the time they got to their 4th or 5th time of quitting, we didn't even listen to them anymore... knowing full well they would start again (how supportive is that??? LOL!)

Yes, I did quit cold turkey. Yes, there were times I craved a cigarette! They say those cravings only last 17 minutes and then they will pass, so it's a matter of getting through that 17 minutes. When I quit, I put the unopened carton of ciggies up on the fridge and told myself... "You know where they are. You are either going to quit, or you are going to smoke... there's no option of quitting and smoking. If you crave one, then do whatever you have to do to work through the craving. If you really and truly can't handle it, and you take a ciggie, then no matter how long you have not been smoking for, that all goes up in smoke (hahaha... get it??) and you have to start all over again at Day 1. You can't say, "Oh, I've had 1 ciggie in 25 days"... no, you can't even mention the 25 non-smoking days, they no longer count. Now you have to start over and say I'm 1-day smoke free.

Hahaha... have I mentioned before how lazy I am?? I just couldn't be bothered to start all over!! So when I really, really needed a ciggy, I kept telling myself, "Noooo... you have to give up the smoke free days and start over!" and with some convincing I managed to make it through.

Like I say, I seriously forget what year that was, but I think it was about 7 years ago. In the first 3 years, there were definitely times when the urge would come up for no reason... but for the most part it doesn't bother me at all and I have literally zero desire to have a puff. Mind you... funny story.... I was used to going to Hawaii every January for 30 years or so. Another friend and her husband would be there at the same time, so Peggy and I would sit on the beach for HOURS talking away and catching up with each other. We both smoked too, so inside our beach bags were our towels, suntan lotion, frozen bottled water and ciggies. I think it was about 3 years ago, we were on the beach, soaking up the rays, realizing how wonderful our lives were that we had the opportunity to go to Hawaii whenever we wanted and while we were talking, I reached for my beach bag and was rummaging through it :::rummage rummage rummage:::, still talking up a storm. Finally, Peggy said to me, "Cheryl... what ARE you looking for???" I told here... "Just looking for my ciggies". And she said, "Why?? You haven't smoked for years... did you start again?" And I looked at her and said, "Wow... you are right! I'm a non-smoker... no wonder I couldn't find my ciggies!" LOL!! I blame it on chemo brain (I had only been off chemo for about 3 months at that time)... but that was so surreal to just go back to an old habit and then when reality hit, I realized, not only was I a non-smoker, but I actually had no desire for one... I was just going through the motions out of habit!!

Anywho... sorry to take up so much time on your topic... but thought you'd like to know there are a lot of people who are in the same boat as you and they made it out of the tunnel, smoke free. And, I think you are being incredibly forgiving/patient of your husband. You HAVE to stop smoking for your health, he should too, although that is really up to him and when the right time is to quit. But the least he could do in support of you is NOT smoke in the house, NOT smoke when he is in your presence, and NOT smoke in the car/truck when you are in it. Oh, boo-hoo, if he has to have a cigarette if he isn't driving....he doesn't HAVE to have one, he WANTS to have one... there's a big difference between "wanting" something and "needing" something. So no, he does not NEED to smoke and out of love, respect and support for you, he should curtail his wants. That's not to say he has to quit... he can go outside, he can go driving by himself... he can do whatever... as long as it's not in your presence.

The above paragraph is my "rant" :D But you go, girl... you CAN and WILL quit smoking... and be so glad you did (and what drugs are you on giving the saved money to he who is still smoking??? You KEEP that money for yourself and buy special treats for YOU! If he wants in on the treats and spending money, then he can quit and get the money he would be saving. But no, no, no... he doesn't get to gain with rewards because YOU quit, and he gets to still smoke!! :D


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it took a full nine months after Dx of COPD, where I'd literally cry myself to sleep and then wake up and light a cigarette.Had then already moderate damage (permanent) to both lungs. My incentive was I told my (then living) mother I wouldn;t die before her to cause her more pain. So I stopped cold turkey, used one box Nicorette gum, then regular bubble gum, then nothing. Had smoked over 35 years over two and a half packs last ten years at least. Stopped July 11, 2001.
Recent research has concluded tobacco fosters CRC and more significantly, if Dxed with CRC, its even worse. Having COPD aint no fun neither......

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Uhhhhh..one really BIG point..... after I quit smoking..... I picked up another bad habit...EATING.... I didn't want to stop eating cause thats when I really wanted a cigarette...so I didn't.... stuffed my friggin face full all the time.... and I do mean non-stop...even in the middle of the nite... NOT a good idea... I gained 120 pounds..a whole person...I got SOOOOOO fat. went from a size 9 to a 26. When I couldn't bend over to tie my shoes no more.... or could only do 1 sexual position (you know the one!) I said..thats it!!!!... Homey don't play this game... I went on a diet... then chemo came along and that took some pounds and I finally got rid of 84 pounds...still got some to go but I just wanted to forewarn you. Don't eat.... go running or LOL...you know...SOMETHING....to take your mind off it. You take care girlfriend!!


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I've been really lucky in this, I haven't picked up a need to eat. I think it's because I'm busy doing landscaping and that's keeping me busy from sun up to sun down. I did have a package of peanut M&M's that I usually don't, but that was about it. I thought when I went to the Onc's I would find I gained weight, instead, because of all the yard work, I LOST a pound. LOL!!! I haven't even taken up chewing of gum, which I thought for sure I would.
Just trying to figure out what to do after the landscaping is done!!!!

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Congrats! Even if you haven't completely quit, to go from two PACKS to two cigarettes per day is huge! Keep working at it and you'll get the whole job done.

Take that cig money each day and put it in a fund. Tell your husband it is your trip fund. Tell him if he quits, he can put his $$ in and travel with you. If he wants to blow his $$ on cigs instead, that is his choice, but you'd rather do something more fun with your $$. Maybe that might motivate him - especially if you choose somewhere he has always wanted to go.

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Kathryn I just might do that!!!!!

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