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Low TSH?

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I've been off my levo and on the LID for 23 days and my TSH level is still only 6.6. My oncologist says it needs to be >30 for me to take the RAI. I'm still feeling fine, just sick of the diet. I'm following the thyroid cancer survivors diet very strictly. I have recurring Hurthle cell cancer. This will be my first RAI treatment. Nothing was done after my original diagnosis in 2006. I've had 3 recurrent tumors in my neck which were removed surgically in 2 separate ops this summer. The reason I am being so diligent with the diet is that at best I have only a 15% chance that it will be effective on any remaining throid (Hurthle) cells. I'm trying to do everything I can to push the odds of RAI working in my favor.

Has anyone else had a problem getting their TSH to go up? If so how long did it take? Have you heard of any "tricks" to get your pituitary to spit out more TSH?

Your input is greatly appreciated. Alice

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well there are shots they can give you i was told if the TSH didnt go up enough....

also check everything you are eating there may be something in your LID that has Iodine in it...

are you sure any salt you are useing is non iodized (sea salt has iodine in it)

make a list of every item you are eating and mabey take it to your doctor and see if any of these things has more Iodine in it than you should be haveing...

besides hateing the LID i didnt have many problems and my TSH shot up to 150+

good luck

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Thanks, Nasher.

I saw my new endo yesterday and got the results of my latest TSH it's up enough that I can get the RAI on Monday. I have been religously following the LID for a month now, but I don't believe that has anything to do with your TSH. Your body just has to use up the remaining levo. I discussed the thyrogen shots, but my team of doctors felt that in my case it would be better to go off my meds. I think I am lucky since I still feel fine - no fatigue, chills or weight gain. I'm just really looking forward to going off the LID. I know what you mean by hating it.

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