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Vitamin D - book worth reading

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I'm reading The Vitamin D Solution by Michael Holick. I'm sure the relationship between vitamin D and cancer has been discussed previously on these boards. This book examines the relationship in detail. It's well written, well-documented, and is written by someone with 30 years of research experience in the field - he is not just out to make a quick buck on a diet fad.

Some highlights:
• Most American's suffer from a deficiency of vitamin D, principally from not enough exposure to the sun. (In the last 20-30 years, Americans have developed a phobia to sun exposure.)
• This can be remedied through reasonable amount of unprotected (no sunscreen) exposure to sunlight, better diets, and if needed, dietary supplements of calcium and Vitamin D.
• The benefits can include reduced risk for cancer as well as better overall physical and mental health.
* The best way to increase vitamin D levels is sun exposure. However, depending on your job, where you live, your race, and your age, getting enough vitamin D from the sun can be difficult - this is where supplements have a role. For instance, I teach school in Connecticut, and from September to May, I don't get to spend as much time in the sun as I need and would like.

Anyway, I suggest you check it out for yourself if you're interested.


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Thank you for this information.

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We have come full circle on sun exposure over the last gneration. Many of us grew up in the 1950's 60's, 70's and were outside all the time, especially in sun belt, west coast, and late spring to early autumn in east and midwest. soon we were told the dangers of sun exposure especailly in the last 20 years and the increased chance of different forms of skin cancer. Our response was to use sunblock at least SPF 50, minimize sun exposure, use umbrellas when walking in sun, and cover exposed areas of body. As a result, our vitamin D levels have fallen and many of us get less activity which is not helpful. The trade off is when we are in the sun and active, were often more healthy. i agree, we need balance and common sense

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HeartofSoul: "... we need balance and common sense"

Yes. Also pills.


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