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What vitamins or special foods are you all eating

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Hello all, I am really interested in what everyone is eating or swallowing (vitamins) to keep the pooh at bay. Would really love to hear your regimes.
Mine consists of juicing each day, 3 apricot kernels, wheatgrass (yuk), Vitamin D drops, vitamin C powder, enzymes for scar tissue, antioxidants, a girly vitamin, at least one good mixed salad selection each day and a good vegie selection at night, par cooked. I drink a lot of water now, still have some meats and chicken, occassional coke. Have tried to get only organic food, but, this is getting harder and harder, as not a lot of options where I live. Cheers Jen xxxx

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My husband t4n1mo mets to lungs Larynx squamosu cell cancer.
First he lost his voice, they told him the tumor was to big to do sugery, so The did Radaition and Chemo cisplatin , He eat solf foods, and on endweeks we would come home he wanted Potatoes soup, Which I made home made. He never liked it before but he could eat it.
Fast forward he gained his voice back and everything looked great till Dec 2009 , they saw a small spots on him lungs , MAy they did the biopcy and found it mets to lungs four tumors . So agaian he started Chemo , they said since the first Chemo did not kill the cancer they would try this, after second scan one tumore gone the other three smaller by 30-40 % He had another ct scan last Thursday and we are wiating for the results. He has now completed five rounds every three weeks .
What he eats popcorn, Fish (fried baked anyway he wants it) Chicken , not allot of beef. But mainy his diet is the same as it was before with the exception of foods with sugar, He did eat pineapple up side down cake.
He did not have surgery or j-tube , no peg tube. I think that makes a difference in how you feel too.
He is eatinf melons and more furits like blueberries. But his over all died had not changed. He had lost 50 pounds with the first chemo but he is not a skinny guy, when we found out what might happen I feed him more so he could have the extra weight (wrong who knowns) I just think if you can spair it do it.

He drinks milk and he did give up soda , but his basic foods have not changed and he got his voice back, he will tell me it is harder to eat like breads, so I made Dumpings.
I am not sure this is what you want to hear about but . So far the doctors say what ever we are doing is working for him that he looks great his lungs sound great.
Hope this might help . read so much one report said drank coffee another one don't drank coffee, but I think our bodies knows what it needs to help it?

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Vitamins and Supplements (I now have some that are in combination i.e. Selenium + Vit E):

Vitamin C (1-2g/day)
Vitamin B Complex (tabs)
Multi-Viamin High Potency
Omega 3,6,9 oils (2 caps)
L- Glutamine (1-2 tsp a day -Powder)
Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) (Powder)
Lipoic Acid (Caps)
Vit E
Magnesium Tabs)
Selenium (Tabs)
Co Q10 9Digestive enzyme)
Tumeric (in Cap form - Just started)
Reishi Shitake (Caps)
Cordyceps (caps)
Silymarin (tabs)
Vit D (Only Sometimes as it is an immunosuppressant)
Grape Seed Extract (Casp)
Ginkgo Biloba (Caps)
Acidophoulous (Powder)
Echinacea - Liquid (1tsp in glass water)

Diet :

Off all meats and dairy products, off all sugars except what is in fruits (so no ice creams, cookies, sodas, cakes ;o( , off all fried foods, off all processed foods.

Breakfast: Eat good cereal/muesli and Papaya + Banana in the mornings with Rice milk and Health shake.

Lunch: Soups/salads/veges/ noodles / rice (Brown is best)

Dinner: Big Mixed Salad + some veges/tofu + fruit plate. I Snack on a handful of nuts in the afternoon. I try to get a fresh vege juice in a day (more is better).

I think we were all doing something wrong to have gotten sick or exposed our system in some way, so going back to what we did before is not a good idea. The changes I have made were a little hard at the start but the more I read and studied the effects of diet and nutrition, the more convinced I became and the decisions to make these changes became much easier. Removing as many risk factors as possible is in our best interest. There are no guarantees any one thing will save us but I think we need to give ourselves the best chance we can.


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Scambuster, I dont for a minite beleive our nutrition is a major contributor in getting cancer anymore than i beleive lack of exercise is a significant factor in developing cancer. With the state of our nations population being 66% overweight and 33% obsese for the last 15 years and generally overweight for the last 30 yrs, certainly the rate of developing cancer would be staggering compared to the actual figures of cancer today. ive read all about Traditional Chinese Medicine and to actually think its a form of serious application to cure, treat and prevent cancer is delusionary. If we didnt have the current western treatments that we do today and the worlds best doctors & medical/reasearch cancer centers, the survival rate would a fraction of what it is. Currently 550,000 a year in US succumb to cancer, I grimace to imagine what the figures would be with TCM alone.

1. the act of deluding : the state of being deluded

2a : something that is falsely or delusively believed or propagated

2b persistent false psychotic belief regarding the self or persons or objects outside the self that is maintained despite indisputable evidence to the contrary; also : the abnormal state marked by such beliefs

Lena Rose
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It absolutely makes sense that the way we treat our bodies affects our health. This includes the amount and types of foods we intake, exercise and stress.

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If you have not read it already,, I suggest reading the book AntiCancer. It refutes some of your claim with evidence based research.

Also, based on your logic, it could also be said that if our nation were a healthy one, the rate of cancer would also be affected. I don't know anyone, lay or scientist, who would claim that the rate would be the same or worse than it is now.

Plus, I don't see where Scam was talking about TCM. Did I miss something?



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I posted on another subject re chinese medicine, ie how odd that the Chinese dont use their alternative remedies, they rely on conventional medicines and export their alternatives to the west. Sugar does not feed cancer, there is no scientific evidence to support this! Also anyone can write a book and make it come across totally convincing to the reader. What everyone needs to read is scientific publications, this is where you get the REAL answers, not from someone who has written a book convincingly and made loadsa money. I think the worlds increase in cancer and other illnesses is due to a combination of things ie smoking, drinking, environment and some diet and stress. America has an epidemic of obesity, ranking highest in the world it would appear. Scientists have made a link between obesity and cancers. I think we have to draw a balance wiith quality of life versus obsessive eating behaviours. Rather than taking copious amounts of expensive vitamins, which again scientifically it has been proven has none or very little effect. Our body produces much of its own vitamins and minerals and chucks excess anyway. Why not get these vitamins and minerals from our daily intake of food? Omegas for instance can be gained from oily fish very easily. It just takes a bit of research thats all, to get a good healthy balanced diet. This is all to do with education, plain and simple. Its not rocket science. But to believe that one has to spend loads of money on vitamins is just plain dumb. Some people just cannot afford to do this. But we all need to eat and the trick is to familiarise onself with which food contains which vitamins and minerals.

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Hi Tricia

Im not a very good researcher but i am as open to new ideas and challenges to conventional wisdom as i am to listening carefully to anecdotal evidence.

I am glad you brought this up. I'd like to ask you two questions:

What's your classic healthy diet?
What is your take on "The China Study"?

Over to you


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Good question. That would be the mediterranean diet which i am able to adopt 100% during the winter months when I move to Spain. It has long been recognised as the best diet available, largely due to the large amounts of olive oil used. I am sending you some links to read about this diet, which is fabulous. I live in the UK and do not follow it so easily here, but when i am abroad its all we eat. Here in the UK i do use copious amounts of olive oil and eat plenty of oily fish, vegetables, pulses, chicken and a good variety of foods. I always start my morning with fresh fruit, strawberries, bannanas and fibre with milk, which i luv. As I lost most of my taste buds and have 3 main tastes ie sweet, sour and chilli hot I do cook with a lot of spices. I have always like spicy food though, even before cancer i ate lots of spices and the well known turmeric in all my curries for about 30 years, still got cancer though lol. I believe a healthy eating regime is one that is balanced, plenty of vegetables/salads, a small amount of fruit, fish and no red meats. Basically I do eat what i like but steer clear of processed foods, but then again i didnt eat processed foods before cancer either. Its all about balance though isn't it? Not too much of what we know isn't that good for us. But I am not into depravation either, as i believe in a quality to my life too. I do luv chocolate but have managed to limit this now to a small amount at the weekend. Also I am careful with sweet stuffs as I almost lost my teeth due to treatment, and now rinse after eating anything sweet and use flouride trays for half hour a day, as I really don't fancy loosing my teeth! Hopefully these links will give you some idea about the med diet, which has been greatly researched by your countrymen and other countries around the world. Before cancer I was aware of the med diet and indulged when in Europe, but because of our cold weather here its always been difficult to stict to it 100% without adding some winter warmth food while in the UK.


I have never read the China Study, but its on my list of books to buy on Amazon.

Bye for now Tricia

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I am with you; take the best care you can of what you have left.

All the best my friend

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well I quess we fall somewhere in the middle... I believe that you should excer. and eat right. My husband is on a veg./ fruit supplement... to make sure he gets the recommended daily amount. But cutting out all sugars and such is just something he isn't willing to do. Weighing the enjoyment of those things and what he could posibly gain from giving them up... I think it's a very personal decision and you have to make the one that is best for you. All of our lives are going to end... the goal is to prevent the cancer from coming back and enjoy every day.

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All organic. No processed sugars. No fried foods. No salt. Lots of veggies and fruits. Eggs. Soy cheese and soy milk or hemp milk or almond milk or coconut milk. Green tea. Herbal teas as needed for chemo side effects: peppermint and basil. Some chicken and fish and occasionaly lamb or beef but only free range organic grass fed. Almonds, lots of raw organic almonds. I also make my own granola and cookies and biscuits from scratch with all organic ingredients. They taste better than store bought, are sugar and salt free and I get the exercise and meditation while cooking. My girlfriend makes the most amazing soups out of "One bite at a time" which I highly recommend for anyone but especially for cancer people. We also use the recipes in "Anticancer" and "Beating cancer with nutrition".
As for supplements, I work with a Chinese medicine clinic that specializes in cancer. I take 3 different regimens of supplementation, depending on where I am in the chemo cycle that supports my body's specific needs during that time. The list is:
R plus Nac
Ultra Flora
PSK Coriolus
Vitamin D
Vitamin E
Del Immune V
Mega Silymarin
Acetyl L-carnitine Arginate
And of course L-Glutamine.
I also drink an Essiac tea first thing each morning and do 1 or 2 coffee enemas daily.

I had a good diet before cancer but have refined it significantly since. I believe without a doubt that it has had an enormous impact on the success of my treatment and the minimal side effects I have experienced. I have gained 20 pounds since beginning chemo that was desperately needed as my body was beaten up considerably from the cancer prior to diagnosis. I couldn't have done this without having many different healthy foods to choose from constantly available. I live 2 blocks from Whole Foods and walk there daily to get fresh produce. My diet would be challenging otherwise but still necessary.

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What brand and dosage do you take of Acetyl L-carnitine Arginate? Blessings, Alli

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