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Home last night...

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it was a little deeper than expected and they took half the lobe out still by VATS. I haven't got any path back yet so I know nothing right now. They gave me an epidural to localize the pain meds and it came out un beknowing to them or me wednesday night and I laid in pain medicine for 2 days and without any on the inside. I thought it was night sweats...anyway I am home and feeling like crap, my wife is pissed because I won't do what she says and I really right now don't give a chit. I just want to lay around. Having part of a lung removed...Hmmm...not sure how I feel about it...anyway , just letting all know Im back around and I will be back on soon, just very very tired....Buzz

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good to hear from you. I will keep you in my Prayers. Get the rest you need. Margaret

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I sure hope you get your strength and vigor back soon. that sucks when the epidural doesn't work, had that experience a few times. Give yourself time to heal and I pray for strength for you.

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Kerry S
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Know what you mean by feeling like crap. Damn glad you are back my friend.

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gald to know you are finally home, get some rest, and listen to your wife!!!!!!


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So glad to see you back. Will pray for a speedy recovery for you. Can't believe they didn't figure out there was a problem with the epidural for two days! Hospitals are a scarey place! Hang in there Buzz.

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Glad you are home. Sorry that the surgery was more than expected and that the pain meds were less than they should have been.

Go easy on the wife...she loves ya...and wants to do her best as care giver.

Rest up and we will be looking forward to more of your enlighting posts to keep the rest of us on our toes.


Marie who loves kitties

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Dear Friend,

So Happy to hear from you! I've been hoping and praying for a quick return to us and an even quicker recovery. Sorry things didn't go so smooth. Praying for good results on your path report and that you grow stronger with every passing day. Looking forward to hearing from you again when you get a little rest.

Big Hugs and Prayers,


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Oh, Buzz!

I've been waiting and checking and hoping to hear something about you! So glad you're home now, but I'm sorry it was a harder deal than you had counted on it being. Praying the pathology report is a good one!


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I am glad you're home (I bet you are glad too!). I hope you continue to feel better than each day until you are back to the old Buzz. I am so sorry the epidural wasn;t working; I can 't imagine what that was like. Take good care + thanks for checking in.

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Been wondering about you and how you were doing. Sorry that the pain meds weren't working and that you are in such pain. You are thought and prayed for daily. You need to take care of yourself right now and nothing more. Thank you for posting.

Hugs! Kim

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It is heck at first no matter what kind of surgery. And getting home takes a lot out of you. Keep the pain under control - things will get better - and please don't be so hard on your wife. Caregivers go through so much....as well as the survivor! Take care - looking forward to seeing more post from you and hearing how much better you are feeling!

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Welcome Home! It's just not the same without you! Hang in there and try to be nice to the wife! Hugs, Jean

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SOOO HAPPY YOU'RE HOME!! Now dont go pissing the wife off to much. She could probly kick your hind end if she wanted too. LOL Remember to keep walking as much as you can and rest when needed. So glad you're back on!!!

Sending my best

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Glad you are home and safe.

Recovery is tough. Rest, then walk and do what she says, then rest again, take the pain meds when you need them and sometimes before you need them, repeat...

Sending all best wishes your way


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Just Hey:)

It's a tough surgery and right now, you should be doing nothing but resting and walking...your wife just needs to understand that you've just taken a good lick to the body.

Waiting on the path results with you - just don't what to think there.

And how do you feel about losing part of a lung? Not your 1st choice of course, but you and your surgeon did what they felt was right.

That's how I lost my 2 ribs, I was unconsious and the surgeon made the call. It bothered me briefly knowing I lost 5 chunks of lung and 2 ribs - but then I remembered that chemo and radiation were coming, 'cause there was live tumor still living.

So, I let it go. If you were responding to your own post, you would say something, "You did what had to be done to keep living...and livin' is what's important."

Or something like that, LOL:)

Glad you're home and sorry about the epidural - Tramadol, which is the generic of Ultrex is a good pain med to take at home should you need something for pain during your recovery.

Bedrest and Walking - that's it for the Buzz man for a couple of weeks, doctor's orders:)


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Wow look at you :) Part of a lung and you're here posting!! I'm so happy to hear that the surgery went well, and don't you worry about those results. You just get yourself well rested and doing what YOU feel up to doing. Buzz everything will work out and be just fine. Ok sending smiles :) Melissa

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Hey Buzz! So good to see you posting again. Don't be too hard on your wife, I'm sure she is just worried and maybe even a little scared. You take care of yourself...and let her take care of you too. Hope to hear from you soon.


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Time for a little R&R there Clift, take good care of yourself.
Rest there buddy, glad your back home safe.
Winter Marie

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Been wondering about you, glad to see you are sort of back to your ornery fighting self. I know it is hard to let people care for you, I hate that crap, but sometimes they are right. Keep healing my friend.


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Really happy to hear you made it back home from surgery. Sounds like you are getting back to your old self. You will be right as rain in no time. And don't piss off the wife, or she will make you miserable.


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Good to hear you're back home recovering. It's pretty scary for us wives too ya know. Go eady on her


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Glad to see you are home and posting. Wife just loves ya, this stuff is hard on us caregivers too, we just want to make sure we are doing everything right and obeying doctors orders and we hate to see the one we love so very much in pain.

Sorry about the pain stuff that just sucks.

You are home now, recouperating and healing and that is the important part.

Take care - Tina

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Of course you just want to lay around. I can't even phathom the pain you must be in, but Im sure your wife doesn't want you back in the hospital so try to take it easy on her! I'm so happy to see your post. It is unbelievable that you didn't have your epidural in for two days. A friend of ours just got a letter from the MAYO clinic. There was a nurse who was injecting pain medication and giving the patients saline solution. He was HIV positive. Now our friend has to go back and get a blood test. Never know what can go on at the hospitals.
I wish you a fast recovery.

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Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I hope that things turn around for you quickly.

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Keep us updated as you can...

Hugs, Kathi

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welcome home Buzz....oh those long exhausting days after surgery.....

that's swell!!! you are home.....rest rest rest


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Hi Buzz,
So glad you are back. Hope you will be feeling well soon. Rest is good. Love and prayers, Linda and El

C Dixon
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Just like everyone else, I have been looking for your post. You know there is an emotional element to surgery recovery too that I think compounds the process. I quit taking the pain meeds because I hate the way they make me feel but then I just cried from the pain, but I would rather do that than cry from depression.

My husband was gone to Drill for most of my recovery but my mom was here and bless her heart, she drove me crazy. That was another reason I quit taking the meds, so I could drive myself places! I hope that doesn't sound ungrateful. Recovery is physical, mental and emotional and they all don't heal at the same pace.

You sound pretty good to me though and I'm glad you are home.

Take care and keep us posted,


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Buzz - soooo releived that you posted and gave us update. Tell your wife that all of us semi-colons said it's OK for you to lay around a bit post surgery, you deserve it! We will then colllectively help her kick your AZZ if we need to, when the time is right.

But for now - welcome home and praying for you to keep on keeping on



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although you feel a crap it's worth !
Just a few days!

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Post again when you can and when you're stronger.

My epidural leaked down my back when it was on. I don't think I got a whole lot of pain control either. We all know it's OK to feel like crap. Lay around and gather some strength. Post when you can.

Love to you


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Hi Buzz,

I hope you feel better today. I will be having vats on the 23rd, and as soon as your up to it, I hope you will give a play by play of the procedure. I have a pretty good idea and have read about other posters that have gone through the procedure. I never thought I would be hoping for a primary lung cancer, rather than a metasis, like you had previously said. I hope your path results come out good, and hopefully with all the chemo and stress our bodies have gone through it will be some type of benign granuloma, as it was very small. Have a good day. Lori

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Welcome back!

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Welcome home! Hope you are feeling better soon.

I bet some of us who aren't such great patients could use your wife. Have you thought of renting out her services to keep others in line? It sounds like she's a real asset.

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Welcome home! Holding you in the Light for healing and strength.

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and good to see you posting. hey dude - sometimes, wives are worth listening too....get better quick.

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Paula G.
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I had to respond Clift. I am glad you posted.Get feeling better real soon. Love Paula

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phew 1/2 a lobe! You hang in there Clift and keep on healing, hopefully with good pain meds now

all the best, Leslie

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Hello schweethart!!! SOOOOO glad to hear from you. Please take it easy..get rest..lots of it...... You take care


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Lay around! Lay around all you want!

So sorry to hear your epidural came out and the pains meds were wasted, with you getting nothing. I had an epidural for my hysterectomy and it was wonderful. I don't do well on pain meds, but I liked that. If you'd only known, you could have taken other meds by IV or pill. Damn!

I just got home from the hospital this afternoon with a damn chest tube. Punctured lung that deflated (port insertion surgery). I can't imagine the pain you have with lung surgery. I can tell you just my stupid punctured lung and this damn chest tube (right next to my sore chest from port insertion), hurt bad enough. I can't imagine you going through lung surgery - and not getting any pain meds. We always knew you were a tough old buzzard, but you proved it again!

So lay around all you want, and to hell with anyone who doesn't like it! Rest and take care of you first.

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Nana b
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Yes, you do give a chit!! And....don't take it out on your wife! Listen to her!!

You will be better, one foot in front of the other, and don't go and say something to her that you will regret! You will only hurt her feelings and ultimately make you feel worse!

I had to type this twice because the other didn't post.....so take heed Clift Buzzard!

Your Nana!

Glad you are home!

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Welcome back Buzz. Sorry you feel like chit, but not surprised. Do whatever you need to feel better. You seem to have a very good sense of what your body is telling you you need to do. Keep listening to it. I send prayers for your speedy recovery

Peace, Ella

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So very thankful to hear that you are home. Frank had an epidural when he had lung surgery but it deadened the wrong side of his chest. So it did not do any good. Pain was really bad after his lung surgery. So you take it easy...just lay and around and rest and rest and rest. Walk when you can a little bit at a time. Lung surgery is a very rough surgery and rough recovery. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

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Both of you must be emotional wrecks by now. Roller coasters are more fun when you feel good. Jo Ann

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Welcome back! We all need you.

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Hi Buzz,
So good to hear from you. Sorry you had to go through the epidural getting the outside of you and not the inside. Ouch! Hope you recover quickly.


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Sounds rough, but you are tougher. Glad you are home and recovering.
Take care - Roger

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Sorry your having a hard time, take it as easy as you can, get lots of rest, I know after having lung surgery I didnt do anything, hell couldnt do anything, it sucked...Thinking of you...


Fight for my love
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Thanks for your update.Please rest and take it easy,have a speedy recovery.

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just glad to see you up and kicking


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