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Burned skin post rad tx. Any ideas?

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Vivi C
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Hi guys,

I have another question I want to run by you. My entire neck and upper chest is burned from radiation (very dark) and it is starting to dry and peel off. Yesterday, I was taking a shower and used a wet washcloth to gently wipe and clean the area but the washcloth kept coming back black as the skin kept coming off. I may have gone a bit too far because a large area came off but the skin is very sensitive and burned a bit and it is much lighter than my natural skin color. Anyone out there had a similar experience? Can you tell me how you handled it? Did you use a washcloth at all or did you just let it fall off on its own? I am using Aloe Vera 2-3 times week. Thank you for any input. I really appreciate it.

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I used Eucerin AquaPhor advanced formula cream, it worked very well for me. My problem was a lack of energy to even put the stuff on. I had the same type of burning and my skin came back just fine...though I still have a tan outlining the mask. I'm a little over four months post treatment.

Hope your skin improves,

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D Lewis
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My neck and jaw (and shoulders and chest) are as brown as a well-oiled baseball mitt. The upper half of my face and my forehead are quite a bit more pale. I'm closing in on four months post treatment. How long is this coloration going to last? Will it eventually fade?


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Mine also, the right side that received the most radiaiton is just like you described. I am nine months post. I have a really dark spot right in the middle of it all, I am guessing that is where the highest concnetration was given. I am contributing it to the "new normal" The sections my wife put the aquaphor/neosporyn on are as soft as a babies butt also. You never had to worry about it, I am saving a fortune on razor blades LOL
Best Wishes on your recovery

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D Lewis
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Hi, Viv

Once my skin was burned, I switched to a prescription ointment called Biafine. I ended up never peeling. My skin just healed and darkened. Maybe I should scrub harder with my washcloths.


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My skin did get ulcers that needed to be peeled off. I did consult with a wound care team before peeling. The area is still darker, but has lightened quite a bit up with the following:
1. 4% Prescription Hydroquinone gel (expensive, but twice as strong as walgreens, but you could always get walgreens and use twice as much.
2. Some sort of lightening brightening facial treatment (someone got me a gift certifcate, so it was free, plus it felt wonderful, she did massage, and some other things. I have one more gift certificate and will pay more attention this time and report back.

I also read about some recipes on the web, but of course, have completely forgotten them.
I know it seems like a trivial issue, but it was bothering me.

Hope this is helpful,

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