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You won't believe this one...

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Guess where I am? At my favorite all-inslusive resort. But one where they didn't let me order dinner, and where they wake you, poke you and prod you all the time...

My husband told me to pack an overnight bag for today, but I told him that this time there would be no trouble! He gets to say I told you so. I was wide awake the last 10+ minutes of surgery with a lot of pain. Back in recovery I felt like a wimp. This is supposed to be a simple thing without too much pain. I had to ask for pain meds. I had my daughter massage my back, and wondered how I could have pulled a muscle while lying around having surgery? I asked for seconds on pain meds. My husband left to pick up my son after school and asked if he should come back, but I assured him we would be leaving soon. With the other port insertions I got to leave pretty quickly.

But then the sugeon came in and asked me how my breathing was. I told him my breathing was ok, but I was having a lot of pain. That it was much different than the first two ports. Well, they do a chest x-ray after each port insertion and mine showed a partially collapsed lung. He has only had two ever, and both he knew right when it happened. Inserting mine they had a little trouble getting into the vein, but then it went well and he had no idea my lung had punctured. Once again I am the total medical freak! While he didn't know when/how it happened, I think I do. I think that is what pulled me into total alertness during surgery. I'm glad they do the X-ray to check on port placement, or this would not have even been found. I'd just be in a lot of pain and not know why. Maybe it would have turned out ok on its own, but maybe not. If I don't keep the oxygen on, my levels do drop, but only about down to 92%. Normally I'm 98 or 99%, and on this oxygen I am 100%.

So I was moved to another area for close observation and put on oxygen. After a while they admitted me for the night. I requested 5th floor, and got it - the best floor and best staff. At 6:30 they took another X-ray and said it is "about the same." So I could have a little food and drink again till midnight. I hadn't been able to have anything but ice chips since midnight the night before. I was hooked up last night to permanent vitals, an oxygen mask, an IV, and an oxygen sensor on my finger - fun typing... Now my vitals are down to hourly checks.

Of course once they said I could eat, the kitchen was closed. My son came for a surprise visit and brought me Red Lobster chowder and biscuits. I guess I was lucky the kitchen was closed! After my son and his girlfriend and my husband left, I got more pain meds so I could sleep. I normally don't do pain meds, but I really needed them yesterday. My daughter decided to stay with me overnight. She sleeps through all the nurse checks. I wish I could sleep like she does.

I'm waiting on my next chest X-ray. If there is no change, that is good. The lung should eventually repair itself. If the area of collapse has grown, I'll have to get a tube put in to reinflate the lung and I'll be here longer. I plan on going to the Renaissance Festival Sunday, so please pray for no change so I can get out of here with no tube!

I couldn't make this **** up if I tried. It is getting to the point of so ridiculous that all I can do is laugh. It does hurt to admit my husband was right, and let him say "I told you so." ;)

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I just read your profile and you are amazing! I can't believe the luck or lack of with ports. You clearly are a fighter, typing with a collapsed lung. I hope you are out of the hospital soon. Have fun at the festival on Sunday.

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Love you!


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Let's go to the battle ,this is just an small unforeseen in a battle but the war is the important!
Take Care and hope you can attend sunday's festival!

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I'm happy to see your beautiful sense of humor shine through. You know sometimes the humor in all this is what helps us through it. I hope your pain goes away and the lung reinflates so you can get the hell out of the hospital. You have been through so much, I know you can do this as well, I just wish you didn't have to. Any time I go to urgent care any more, I just bring a bag with me, since 9 out of 10 times I leave in an ambulance to the hospital. Don't you just hate it when the signifigant other gets to say I told you so.


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Didn't I just read your post that told me that you did not "aspire to be me?" LOL:)

Honey, you are one of a kind! I think I echo that sentiment right back at you...just kidding.

I'm sorry it went bad. Maybe this time, they will get it right.

I'm out on the battlefield looking for you - now I know why I have not seen you.

You hang in there!


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I can't even tell you how sorry I am that you had such a bad experience. I was so hoping that this would be an easy process for you. I hope you are well + able to leave soon (You sound perky).

I have a new strategy with regards to prep when you think you won't be staying in. During the period where they couldn't properly diagnose me, I would go to emergency unprepared + of course I would get admitted, write a list for my husband etc. of things I would need. The last time I went to emergency, I decided I did not want to be admitted, so I would take a pack with some of the stuff I would need if I did get admitted - guess what I did not get admitted. Now I keep a partially packed bag so I can get ready in a hurry if need be. I am so happy I have not needed it.

Please take good care, + keep your spirits up. There has to be a book in here for you.

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Hi Friend,

So sorry you are yet again having "weird things" happen to you. Don't you just have to laugh sometimes.. after the initial pain, anxiety, stress subside. Praying things start going much better for you.

Big Hugs and Prayers,


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