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Colon cancer 2007 now Breast?

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Did anyone on this board have colon cancer and then breast cancer?
I am a stage 3 colon cancer survivor since 2007.
Now i am having a biopsy next week for a 12mm spiculated Breast mass. I know the odds are against me.
I had a breast cancer tumor marker blood test test done as well as CEA all came back perfect.

Divorcing my cheating spouse after he refused to support me. I would hate to leave my beautiful children with a man like him.

Very sad and stressed, but I keep smiling and pretend all is ok!

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KathiM from this board had both colon cancer and then breast cancer while she was being treated for the colon cancer & she has been cancer free from both for a few years now!
I don't know how often she checks in, so try contacting her on through the PM system if she doesn't reply here.

Also, I have a friend from church who doesn't come on the CSN board, but she has the same story of having been diagnosed w/ colon cancer (stage III), then with stage I breast cancer during colon cancer treatment. She was cancer free from both for 3 years and has now just recently experienced a colon cancer recurrence in her liver (so is now stage IV). No sign of the breast cancer back, though, and she had a lumpectomy and radiation for that.

Sorry about the cheating spouse- you don't need to deal with that at the same time as this. Surround yourself with supportive, postive people!

You take care! I know it's hard to keep smiling and pretending all is ok. Sometimes it's important to do that in front of certain people, but make sure you have people you can totally open up with. If you don't have that, you've definitely found a place here on this board where people will listen!


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Stage III rectal, followed by stage II breast....both primary sites...different cancers altogether...both in the lymph system....I got the 2-fer!

As of July 4, I am free from both for 4 years, 5 years on the rectal....and have completely changed my life: Living in 2 countries, retired (sold my 18-year computer business), traveling alot, taking care of my beau and my elderly mom...

Yes, there IS life after cancer...

Welcome to the board! Ask me anything you need to...I just took on my 20th patient partner about a week ago.

Hugs, Kathi

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I'm sorry to hear of the breast mass. I will hope for the best with your biopsy. I can imagine how worried you must be.

I have a long family history of breast cancer and always pay close attention to my risk. My mother had one breast removed and on her 5 yer anniversary was diagnosed with it in her remaining breast. I have had scares but have been lucky that none of my biospies came back positive. Unfortunately, just because we get one cancer doesn't make us immune to other cancers. I wish it did.

I just wanted to wish you the best of luck with your biospy and hope that one of the members here will have some experience to share with you. ... Lori

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Welcome to the board! You don't have to pretend with us here. If you feel like smiling, that's great. If you don't, whine away, and we'll try to provide the comfort.


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Hun, you just go ahead and pretend in front of that cheating arsed EX-husband that all is okay and smile as well.
Here??? You can cry and whine and even curse once in a while.
And the best part??? Yep, you don't want him raising your darling children, so you've got a lot to live and fight for, so you just keep on living and fighting.
Through your ups and downs, contact us, we'll be here, cheering you on, booing your ex, hoping for the best for you, and even a prayer or two such as they are from me.
Winter Marie

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