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Spiculated /stellate mass

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Having abiopsy next week for a 12mm spiculated mass. Are all spiculated breast cancer and if NOT what else can it be? Are spiculated a certain form of breast cancer?

I know the odds are against me.
I had a breast cancer tumor marker test done and that came back perfect.

I am a stage 3 colon cancer survivor since 2007.
Divorcing my cheating spouse after he refused to support me, found out he was having affairs and other horrible things. I would hate to leave my beautiful children with a man like him.

Very sad and stressed, but I keep smiling and pretend all is ok!

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Jean 0609
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Nice to meet you. I don't know anything about spiculated breast cancer, but I'm sure someone here does. This site is a wondeful place to ask questions, vent, cry, or just read. We have a wonderful group of ladies & some men here. Sorry to hear about our husband. Just try to keep a positive attitude. Your beautiful children need you and you can beat this ugly beast!!! Sending positive thoughts & prayers your way. Hugs, Jean

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although sorry for the reason. I have not heard of this type of bc either. Please tell us more. There may be others on this site who may know more too.
{{hugs}} Char

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That a girl... 1st of all, Welcome, you have found a place where you can get answers and support. 2nd, keep that great attitude. You beat cancer once, & if for some reason its back, YOU CAN DO IT AGAIN!!


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I am praying that you are ok. Hang in there and don't give up!

Here is what I can find from a mammography text: "A spiculated mass has a margin that is composed of fine tendrils that surround the lesion. This pattern is higly suggestive of malignancy unless it represents a postsurgical scar." Have you had surgery in your breast?


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The differential diagnosis for a spiculated mass visible on mammogram includes malignancyHyperpigmentation w/malignancy
Malignancy, post-surgical scar, radial scar, hematomaBefore and after hematoma repair
Chronic subdural hematoma
Extradural hemorrhage
fat necrosis
Subdural hematoma, or past trauma to the breast.

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