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Survivor, no not me.

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I was dx with breast cancer a year ago. Doing great now after finishing all treatments known to man, and then some. It was rough, but made it thru. People call us 'survivors' That word never was peaceful in my spirit for some reason. I just couldn't refer to myself as a survivor. Didn't know why. One night as I was having my time with God I ask Him why that was. Within I heard, "you are not a survivor you are a victor." God never said to be a survivor He said to be a conqueror, and get the victory. I looked these words up in the dictionary.

Survivor- to remain alive or in existence.
existence- to live at a level that is below an expected or desirable standard.
victory- final complete defeat of an enemy
complete- to end to finish
victor- one who defeats an adversary, the winner in a fight, battle, or struggle.

Now I know why it just didn't fit for me. I am not a survivor I am the victor. I WON!!!!!

I also want to add I believe if one knows God as Father then he can not loose. If God gives one more time here then be His friend. If God takes one back home from which he came then one is present with God. One can not loose as long as one knows God as Father.

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The Book does say that Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.

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for that clarification. I much better fit into a victor than a survivor, as I am being held up by his victorious hand no doubt.

God's blessings on you friend,


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I don't care for the term "survivor" either. I am living with cancer and that's fine with me. One guy who was on our board but doesn't post anymore but is doing fine once said "you haven't survived cancer until you die from something else".

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for sharing this! I cannot find enough words to express to you how wonderfully encouraging I found this post to be! Thank you

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A simply man
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I'm glad you are safe and not suffering....

I'm learning how to deeply "trust" with all your heart while your burning inside. But your positive experience makes me one more day closer to Him...

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