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Sorry about the previous post

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Sorry about venting,I have no reason to complain, i have had it easier than most of you here, and i want to thank you for not biting my head off. I will stick around here for what i am worth cant help much, but can share my experiences.
The one thing i know is i have cancer it doesent own me.
Thanks again

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james chambliss
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We all have good and bad days. It's o.k. to vent as well. Who better to listen to what you may be going through. None of us truly have it easy and we all need to be supportive. So i hope you feel better for venting. It does good to get bad energy out.


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Pam M
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Hey, call it a part of making sure you don't get sick again - it's bad for your body to hold in negative emotion. I must've missed your "venting" post, but trust me, lots of us have times we vent or whine here (I've whined, and I'm one of the ones who had an easier time of treatment, too).
Your being willing to share your experiences here (and "cancer doesn't own me" attitude) is a big help. Thanks, Don

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Hey Don, that is why we are all here to help eachother beat this monster and come out on the other side. I did not get to read your venting post but I wish I did, because I have a lot of venting too!!!

Do not be sorry just share your experiences and try have a good attitude and you will make it through this. God leads me down this path and I know he will make the right decisions for all of us. Best of luck and may God be with you!!!!


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We are your anchor here at CSN. A good anchor does not go anywhere no matter the storm. We are your anchor as good listeners and sounding boards. We will no matter what is vented go anywhere. Keep posting we are here for you.

I love your last thought. " I have cancer it doesn't own me "


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Feels better everytime doesn't it. Until you start to worry about those innocent bystanders who got hit with your big negative wave. Boy, I'm guilty of that! I've let it spew when I should have put a cork in it. But we all have our tipping point. You are among friends here. I'm bettin this jury of your peers votes "NOT GUILTY." FYI, didn't see your post but it's probably mild in my book anyway.

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We all have bad days. It is veryhard to go from normal, life is good, no worries at all to Cancer and all of the other stuff that goes along with having a bomb dropped on you and your loved ones.

Venting here you can be sure we all know what you are going through, lean on us as we will need to lean on you in the future.

I have been on this journey since late June and being positive and trying to stay connected to what is important will get you through this.

Post what you feel and post often.



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