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Glossectomy surgery

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My new ENT Doc just called to inform me that they would like to do a partial to full tounge removal or I could go through more chemo with no radiation to hold if off. I called my Oncologiest and he agreed with me that the glossectomy would be his last choice. So now I wait for the doc's to have a pow wow and discuss treatment options. I did ask for there advice on atlerative treatment options such as hyperthermia radiation treatment. Now just waiting.


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Please keep us updated. I hope all works out.


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D Lewis
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Sending healing thoughts your way. You and your doctors will find the best solution together.



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Glenna M
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Sending positive thoughts your way. I know the waiting is torture and I will be praying for the best outcome possible.

Stay strong,

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We all hope the pow wow outcome is what you are hoping for & I agree with GlennaM ... not knowing & waiting is very very difficult. Hope you have answers soon.

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Pam M
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How scary. I hope the docs get together ASAP - I agree with the others - waiting is awful. I do know we have several people here who've had partial glossectomies, and at least one who's had a full - maybe they'll let us know what their options were, and how the process went. Why no radiation? Same location? Long slow breaths.

team stevens
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we're both praying for you & hope for the best option for you. in my husband's case, by the time we knew what we were dealing with, we didn't have many options left. tried chemo to shrink it, & it just kept it from growing. in april, had the full glossectomy, followed by 6 wks of rad. mon-fri & 6 chemo trtmts. slowly putting weight back on & getting stronger. have speech/swallow therapy twice a week.peg & trech tubes still in. but he's here with me..no regrets. hopefully, there'll be an alternative treatment just perfect for you.

keep us posted

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