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How are others doing with Stage 2B NSCLC Adeno Carcinoma?

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I was diagnosed May of 2010,female, age 60, non-smoker. Had a 3 centimeter tumor in my lower left lung which was removed completely end June. Surgery went well. Because 8 of the local 17 lymph nodes had cancer, the Staging is 2B. Now I am in the midst of adjuvant chemo therapy, cisplatin, vinolrebine and Avastin clinical trial. The treatments are tough and I am quite sick and anemic. Is the treatment worth it? My Oncologist states that it can increase my survival rate from 25% to 40%. No guarantees. Would love to hear your experience and success rate.

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Peg, I am 54 and from March through May, I had three bouts of pneumonia, the last one almost killing me as I had fevers up to 106 and spent 17 days in the hospital. A biopsy found a tumor in my lower right lobe which I had cut out at the end of June. My tumor was 9.6cm and there was no spread to the nodes! They have said I too am in stage 2b. I am on Cisplain and Pemetrexed(also called Alimta). Cisplatin is a highly toxic drug and I receive 2 bags of iv fluids the day of chemo and the day after chemo. My treatment is for four cycles, once every three weeks. I have just completed cycle three two days ago. I am also now on radiation as well, five days a week for seven weeks. The nausea definitely grows from each treatment as it is cumulative. I have three different medications but have also found if I eat a cracker or something small, that can help as well. I was given another option at another hospital which didn't use Cisplatin but another platinum based drug that was not as toxic. However, after speaking to my best friend's friend who is an oncologist, he told me had I not been in good health or was in my 70's or 80's, he would not recommend Cisplatin. But in my case he felt I could withstand the symptoms. I have been given the same statistics about the chance of reoccurace and in my mind well worth it. But I also realized there must be lifestyle change in my life to combat this dreaded disease. I am getting rid of all chemicals in my home. Only organic and natural cleaners. I am also buying more organic food products. Attitude is incredibly important and I am a half full glass kind of guy. There is just no way I won't survive. I have to as I have an 11 yr old son and a soon to be 17 yr old daughter! There is a great support web site for Lung Cancer patients as well as for caregivers and other topics that I have found so helpful called Love Lung Link,org or www.lovelunglink.org. I highly recommend it. At the suggestion of a friend, I started my own blog site on Google called My Daily Battle with Lung Cancer. It is personal but it is a way to let people know that we are not alone, but a community! Good Luck! Dave

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