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smoking and hypnosis

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Anybody have experience with quiting smoking by hypnosis?


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Glenna M
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I haven't tried it but one of my sisters was hypnotized several years ago and she quit smoking with no problems. It's usually not too expensive so I would say it's worth a try.


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well Dave let me tell you my story - many years ago I decided to try to quit smoking with the help of a physician who did hypnosis at no cost because he so wanted folks to quit - well I got all prepared, got rid of all cigarettes I had (soaked them under the kitchen faucet), I threw out all ashtrays except one (I told myself I should keep one to let other less enlightened friends smoke on my back porch). I had my carpets steam cleaned and spent considerable time "psyching" myself up for the big day - I was very optimistic and ready,I thought, to quit tobacco.
the big day dawned and off I drove some 40 miles to get myself hypnotized - I admit I was relaxed and certain this would be the last of my addiction - leaving the doctor's office I almost skipped to the car for the drive home, quite happy that I was now a non-smoker.
about 1/2 way home the craving for nicotine set in and the panic began - there was nowhere to stop to buy a pack and I suddenly remembered that a couple of YEARS previously I had stashed an emergency cigarette in the glove box.
suffice to say "the best laid plans"...
when I was in the recovery room after I had my right upper lobe removed because of adenocarcinoma of the lung, I became a non-smoker.

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Posts: 291
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Thanx Congoody....I understand where you are coming from....I have concquered alcoholism for some years now with the direct help of my God and some true, true friends, I know that I can quit smoking 100% by letting the same miracle happen, and cease fighting everything and anything....

(No smokes today !)


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I quit smoking for 6 years thru hypnosis. It cost me 55.00. I was humming the tune of the Pink panther for a while after but still I quit for 6 years. Stupid me started up again after that I had a horrible time quitting again. It was until they remove my right lower lobe for cancer that I was able to quit again. I went to other hynosis programs but nothing worked. I think it worked the first time because I really wanted to quit.

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I quit with hypnosis but private session tried the weight loss in a group that didn't work, but you will still have the urge now and then because of the habit and not knowing what to do with your hands lol good luck,

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Even AFTER being diagnosed with head/neck cancer, I smoked right up until I arrived at the hospital for surgery. Getting half of my tongue replaced with pieces of my left arm finally convinced me to give them up for good, and it's been five years now.

These days the smell of smoke is usually overpowering and hard to take, but if the scent is far enough away it is as tantalizing, still, as a woman's fine perfume. The urge is there, although somewhat removed.

I just insist to myself that I am NOT going to pay some corporation to kill me slowly, and that seems to work.

Good luck with your quest.

Take care,


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I tried and tried to quit smoking to no avail. I got mad one day and got back on my chantix and ordered to vapor king smokeless cigarette. I have never touched a cigarette since I got it and have not even thought about lighting one up. This vapor cigarette is absolutely amazing and a third of the cost of cigarettes.

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can u recommend a good hypnotif to go too to quit smoking

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