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Chronic Pain after Treatment

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Hi! I need some major encouragement these days! Prior to being diagnosed 01/2009, they sent me everywhere to figure out what was wrong! At one point they said it was Fibromyalgia. Then after being diagnosed my oncologist said that the HL was the problem. I was so thrilled to be diagnosed after over a year of being told lets try this or lets call it this...Anyway, I went through chemo then radiation. After 2 weeks out of chemo, the pain came BACK! The tumor was dead, yet the pain was back! They put me back on morphine and sent me to a Rhuematologist whom wasn't sure if I had Fibromyalgia or not. Since then, I have been seeing a pain doc who says she can manage the pain, but it's not working! I go in tomorrow to try yet ANOTHER med or to UP the dosage of this med I've had since 08/24/10. Has anyone experienced this?
I need some help! The pain is making me depressed! I love the Lord & I know that everything happens for a reason, but it's getting rough! I need to know if there are others & how long it will last, or something! Anything! Please! Just a little hope would be nice to hang on to!


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Hi Michelle, I wish I had some words that would help, I remember when I had head and neck cancer the pain I had was tough to get thru, on top of the getting sick every day, it does play havoc with your emotions. I would definitely go to a different pain doctor to help you get your pain levels under control. Try to find something that your passionate about and work on that to try to get your mind off the pain. I love to cook and bake, and play the guitar. Hang in there, it will get better!!!! Best wishes Vinny

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Someone in the group talks about accupuncture working for pain, nausea, and I even read somewhere that it can also be beneficial in helping with depression and quitting smoking. I personally have never tried it, but have heard alot of positive feed back from those that have. Might be worth a try. So sorry for your daily pain...it can truely wear you down. Hang in there...Sue

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I did it for constipation, sleep, and jaw pain and got great relief. Hadn't thought about smoking, may have to give that a try. I am so ashamed of myself. I got stressed out with this last relapse last fall and fell back into it. My onc told me last treatment that I need to quit and I am having such a horrible time. I guess I haven't truly hit my knees and asked for help yet.

I hate being weak.

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Hi Beth,
I don't think you are being weak. Stress really messes with you on so many levels. You are a strong woman fighter. Remember that. I have so many days when the fight seems so very hard. Feel like giving up too. But, we just go on the best way we can. I am so greatful for all of your warm words. They have really helped me during some tough days. Today is one of those days for me. I have a granddaughters birthday party this evening, but right now, just want to crawl into bed and sleep. I thought that if I read some posts from all of you, I might gain the strength that I need to get myself going..

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Sorry to hear what you went through. I can relate to this. I was first thought to have FINA (also related to Fibromyalgia) with body aches then changed to Rheumatoid Arthritis which dr was unsure of. Found out I was low in vitamins along with swollen lymph nodes in my neck. Was given antibiotics then was given shot of B 12 and multi-vitamins - pain went away and the energy came back but fatigue attacks came on. Saw couple more drs. My dr. decided to wait it out hoping my swollen lymph nodes (now in my groin also) would go away. By that time, I already lost 30 lbs. I had to push for lymph node biopsy and finally found out I have HL last Aug. 6th - one year later! Now just done with 2nd chemo. My WBC (white blood cell count) is low so have to get daily neuropogen shots and that gives me bone pain but is to be expected. It is not like the body aches I used to have. I am also taking Wellbutrin - anti-depressent which I have been taking for years - I think this is something that helps me with my emotions (most of the time for that matter). I am thinking of going for acupunture... Hope this helps.
Thinking for the best for you,

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I hope you do try accupuncture. I was thoroughly amazed at how much it helped. I went in to it extremely sceptical but by later that evening I was sold. I am no longer afraid of it and I was afraid of the needles, but they are so small you don't even feel them. By the time they turn the lights down and turn on the soft music I go into instant relaxation mode and the time flys by.

I hope you get to feeling better very soon.

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